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Rosemary waves

P1220890Also this trip started with an image, an inspiration. On a Saturday morning at our café here in Ddorf I saw the pictures of the beautiful Sicilian gardens, the sunken gardens of Favignana. A few days before, the scent of fig leaves and the enamel white-blue mediterranean décor for our picnic on our german balcony started this fantasy…we really need to go back to the Mediterrenean…Sicily, Sardinia or Puglia. And when thinking about the food, the choice was easy. Puglia!

“You should see the rosemary bushes! they are amazing!” MeinMann had arrived the day before and what a surprise to see in the strong light, so many butterflies cavorting on those thyme and rosemary bushes….P1220888In the middle of all the sadness and shock for the Brexit, we were surrounded by beauty. European beauty. Magna Grecia beauty…


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