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Golden sunset

P1020769Tonight it seemed as though Schoeneberg’s golden stag reflected its shine on the whole neighborhood. Must be his 100th jubilee!

P1020771…with a little help from Kaspar David Friedrich…..



Our own private Central Park

Rudolph Wilde Park is our mini-Central Park here in Schöneberg. Buildings dating from the early 1900 (and a very important Kindergarten!) line the park on its four sides. We have our little famous bridge too! the one hosting the most beautiful U-bahn stations in Berlin, the U4’s Rathaus Schöneberg stop.

A lake? we have that! herons in the Summer, ducks until water lasts, and funny skaters thereafter. Gardens? of course, across Bundesallee. Animals? sure. Plenty of rabbits in every season and foxes too by night. And a golden deer keeping an eye on picnic goers in the Summer and daring joggers in the Winter.


Rural Berlin


August was very sunny indeed in Berlin this year…We focused on outdoor activities, doing as the locals do and enjoying with Baltic determination every ray of sun.


It sounds so strange, coming from Rome. But what matters is “user friendliness” and the wonderful sunny atmosphere in Berlin called for staying all the time in the sun, effortlessy and with a lot of pleasure. No baking heat, no pollution, no suffocating stale air. We were lucky, yes! Fresh wind, blue sky, 25-27 Celsius, sometimes 30 C.RIMG0116

This year we also had bikes so we felt much better in synch’ with the city. We would hit the streets in Schöneberg in the early morning for getting hold of superb Rosinenbrötchen and have breakfast at home, enjoying the sounds from the nearby park. Or we would start with a long walk in the Volkspark, when rabbits are still out by the dozen.CIMG0020

We would sip Bionade under the grapevine at some nice Café in between our daily chores, exploring food open-air markets around the city. Or hunt for the perfect Kartoffelnsalat…Little by little I got a country girl’s tan and got used to the different angle of the sun light, avoiding shades.

In the evening we would find ladybirds on our bed, and in the morning our friendly battle with wasps and bees for the orange marmelade made us notice how diverse and rural the insect species in Berlin are. Lots of green space means also a proper fauna in town, and not only mosquitos and starlings.


User friendliness also means being able to experience the city’s green areas. One evening, beautiful light in Viktoria-Luise Platz. People get off their bycicles and sit for a while on the grass, enjoying the mix of light, temperature, time of the day…an unplanned, free relax.

Nothing special. Just an absence of stinky cars nearby, a clean, soft grass that invites you to take off your sandals, an abundance of benches, no litter around, air you can breath and no noise. Nothing special for bankrupt Berlin, quite impossible in blasée Rome (and Paris, to some extent).


berlin: pink pink pink!


So this is my first Pfingstein in Berlin. Pink pink pink Berlin. My friends in the Bezirk had told me: “you’ll see, pink is the colour of the year in the Schöneberg balconies”. It is indeed…and also, Pfingstrosen (peonies) were marvellous…they are my favourite flowers.

Schöneberg in bloom. Flowers are 1 month back with respect to Italy. It was like going back in time. Orange-blossoms filled the fresh breeze along the Volkspark. Rabbits had family brunches close to the Rathaus pond.


A nice photography vernissage on Uhlandstrasse. Checking out a brand new Leckerei in the Kiez, on a quiet spot on Grünewaldstrasse…


A couple of trips to my favourite flea market. A cappuccino in each of my local cafés. Nice dinners with friends during the long sunsets in Schöneberg and Kaffee-Kuchen is SO36…in the middle of quite violent late-spring showers.


The kerbs in Berlin seem to have engaged in fierce competition…roses in Goltzstrasse, in Nolle blankets of tender-green Linden leaves…


Shop-keepers and restaurateurs do their best to have clients stopping by…


Everybody is working hard sprucing up, decorating, making that window display nicer…or even making a dull wall look nicer…(Berliners know a thing or two about dull walls).


Florists treat the street as a part of their lives not as a convenient place where to dump stuff…trees lining the streets have all sort of plants making them company.

Oh I love Berlin! Public space is something everybody cherishes and takes care of and this makes the town splendid and civilized…like the nice pond in front of home.


Tschüss pink Berlin…gotta go to Paris for work…

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