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Just 0.001 seconds distance to the number two meant pole position for Lucas di Grassi at the Berlin Tempelhof Formula E qualifying race today…spannend…(wish I was in Berlin)


Fly Bermuda vs Skyfall Lounge


Oh yeah, it’s one of those “I wish I was in Berlin” moments…Still today in Ddorf there’s MUCH MORE going on! Skyfall Lounge…stay tuned!!



Soon also Tegel will be closed. This is a bit sad. I quite liked the pocket sized terminals and the pocket bookstore at the entrance. I liked even more being able to board a flight a few minutes from home. Who knows, maybe there is a new life in storage for Tegel, like for beautiful Tempelhof, whose beautiful architecture stays often open for business?


Withdrawal symptoms…

Tonight we want to quote Manufacta Est with the fabulous picture that Stephi uploaded!

Boxes? We still have a few of them here in da house in Dusseldorf…

Berlin? We have withdrawal symptoms!!

Tempelhof? Our playground.

Brandenburger Tor? Our absolute icon. When we think of Europe, we think of this place. Zooropa. EuroHeimat. Home. Continue reading ‘Withdrawal symptoms…’


Nice (brick)work!

Rushing by bike to the southern part of Tempelhof we discovered by chance that in Berlin there’s a museum for Telecommunications. It’s a beautiful example of Industriekultur building, made of those purple bricks which give that luscious look to buildings 100 years old.

We love the intricated brickwork on the little arches, it always makes us think that at that time factories were functional but architects also looked for harmony and aesthetics. Remember the cereal motif on the Westhafen silos?

I remember zooming by the Schwarzkopf, Gillette and Telefunken factories in Tempelhof one day while travelling in the pick up truck with the builders to go fetch tiles and materials for our house. I really have to go back and hunt down that purple brick Schwarzkopf factory…now I’ve one more reason than just Industriekultur to go look at it!


Events in Berlin, 2011

If among your New Year’s resolutions there is indeed a trip to Berlin, don’t forget that the Berlinale starts on February 10th…it may be cold, but the Berlinale will warm you up!

On this page you will find a list of good reasons for coming to Berlin: art, music, exhibitions, fashion, sport, culture…you name it. Continue reading ‘Events in Berlin, 2011’


Greetings from Sankt Berlin!

Despite yesterday’s easyjet – sorry, messyjet – débacle, we made it. Thanks to Air Berlin we could leave Rome in the evening. A christmassy airline, with its geranium red and white corporate logo and freundlich crew.

Tegel airport had siberian looks but the tarmac on the runway was shiny black and spotless. Perfect landing, a quick raid to Relay to buy a few magazines for breakfast and of course what did we find? Monocle Alpino! So it is now official, we’re not the only ones who consider Berlin an ideal cross-country skiing destination…after a 15-minute transfer by underground off we emerged in beautiful Bayerischer Viertel.

Pointy roofs, ice trimmed windows and Christmas lights on every balcony. Furry rabbits leaving traces in the snow…we’re back in our favourite village and buen retiro, Sankt Berlin im Spreetal! Last night in Schöneberg was really a Stille Nacht. Christmas trees glowing in the night on every floor in our Jugendstil neighborhood, the silent swooshing of some cars on the main streets, a snow graffiti on the windscreen of a parked car “keine Schule mehr!” celebrating the start of the school holidays.

Smell of fresh paint along the staircase, apparently our Verwaltung is rushing last-minute maintenance work before Christmas, and a post-it from a neighbor on our door (“I got your packet! see you soon!”). Warm temperature at home, our friend Julita switched on the heating eh he…

It’s nice to be home again. Now, time to take out our Christmas decorations (and keep up with the Maiers, schnell, schnell!), my furry hat and snow boots and yes, our Berlin sauna gear: Havaianas! Snow and sauna, can’t wait!!

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