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smart invaders

For decades they were sitting pretty at the bottom of stiff cartons d’invitation. Good, old fashioned smart dress codes. Smart like in Cary Grant. Smart ass!

Then came management by objectives and project management science. MBO. PM. And other acronyms. Such as S.M.A.R.T. objectives. Challenging…

The brain child of a car- and a watch-maker. Colorful and small, they colonized Rome and other maze-like Italian cities. Not so sure about the rest of the world. They were not made of chocolate, but they could be parked like thrash bins. They took up roughly the same size. Smart Mercedes Benz cars. Wow!

Then also cars became obsolete. Enter the smart cards. We can now check-in with them and unblock ubiquitous car-sharing vehicles. Cool.

Yes, you can liaise with the office from home, and the office liaises with you just everywhere else. Smartphones. Multitasking. (Or the end of cool).

Since a couple of years we’re reading more and more about them. Now we’re understanding better what they are. MeinMann is working now on their costs/benefits, who still protect their mystery fiercely, though. Smart grids are coming. They are the future. Awesome.

De Mazière, the new Interior Minister of the Merkel government, said stop to Aufbau-Ost. He said now innovation is needed. And growth. Guess what? A smart one. Ach so…

Suzy Menkes in Berlin, Techno Luxury Conference. Guess what the bikers-cum-entrepreneurs guys from Vexed talked about. Injury protection and moisture management. Smart materials. Urban.

Well. There has been a moment for all thing new. New Look. New Deal. New Romantic. New Economy. New Town. For thing high. High Tea. High rise. High Fliers. High Fidelity. High Octane. Highway. High protein. High yield. High Net Worth Individuals. And also things low had their heyday. Low Carbs. Low Fat. Low Cholesterol. Low Calories. Low Income. Low cost.

Now it’s the time for things smart. It ain’t be particularly strong or heroic. Nor depressive and minimalist. It has to have a good return on capital. Not maximising. Second-best maybe. Moderate investment, acceptable return. Low risk. No weigh restriction – within reason – must fit in 20x30x50. Like easyjet luggage.

Welcome to the new thrifty, also known as “smart”.

Photo: The Guardian


Compounded addiction: Techno+Luxury in Berlin, part 1

I’m back after having spent 2 days in Berlin for…work. Wow, that was exciting! Kein leisure this time!

The Ritz-Carlton was hosting the Herald Tribune conference of the luxury industry in Berlin. This conference has been traditionally hosted in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo. But this year Suzy Menkes, the venerable fashion editor of Herald Tribune, picked Berlin because the flirt between luxury and technology is becoming something serious. And surely Milano, Paris or London felt a bit passé when it comes to technology.

It was kind of odd to talk luxury in Berlin, the anti-luxury town. Or the über-luxury town, if you think that a cleaner air, using the bike and nature at your doorstep are the real luxury now. But Suzy Menkes has antennas, and they are tuning in on new themes: technology, CSR. After all the New York Times offers one of the best online media experiences, we started to see during the US election campaign how its Lab was exploiting all the potential offered by multimedia and the mixture of graphic/text/photo/interactivity. Plus the US are pushing smart grids, greener technology: sign of the times. And Berlin is a good example of sticking to environmental commitments.

Technology + luxury is indeed an intriguing combination and the concentration of interesting speeches and conversations provided abundant food for thought. Continue reading ‘Compounded addiction: Techno+Luxury in Berlin, part 1’

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