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P1170912Our lives become more and more complicated and intertwined. We have to travel, to work in different time-zones. Sometimes to live apart.

The more this happens, the more I appreciate to call a place home.


At war


The hopelessness of a reindeer, used by the military to carry bombs in Murmansk. First a useful mascotte, then abandoned to her fate. Betrayed, she lost hope and stopped pursuing the column of military.

A thought for all those civilians, and those animals too, who are abandoned and betrayed today, left in the realm of war. In Syria, and elsewhere.

Photo: Yevgeny Khaldej, Murmansk


wall proliferation

Gian Matteo posted a deep analysis on the meaning of divided cities today…Old walls have been replaced by new ones. Visit Metapolis


trinita’ dei monti, aka bernauer strasse

Trinità dei Monti, aka Spanish Steps, aka Bernauer Strasse.

During this week the Spanish steps are blocked by the Berlin wall. The installation is a true visual shock, it blocks the view on the steps and the reproduced graffiti contrast beautifully with the bianco marmorino of the church behind.

By night scenes of daily life in West- and East-Berlin are mixed together with music by U2, Pink Floyd, Queen…


(photos next week…my digital camera is kaputt…back to the old Kodak films 😀 )


back from berlin!

0911wo_domino-420x0-420x0We’re just back from Berlin, after this fantastic long week-end dedicated to the fall of the wall. Our digital camera is in ER, so let’s hope that our reflex did a good job…photos in a few days, like in 1989!

The domino fall was fantastic, we were at Elizabeth Lueders Haus, opposite the Reichstagufer.

Actually, in the morning we were interviewed by RTL “What does Berlin mean for you?” “Were you here in 1989?”. Unfortunately not…that’s why we didn’t want to miss this 20th anniversary! In spite of an easyjet flight cancellation, wir waren dabei!!


Join the Mauer Mob!!


Thanks to ItaliansOnLine I discovered tonight that a British guy is organizing a flash mob in Berlin, the Mauer Mob.

33,000 people will recreate the Berlin wall. StripedCat and MeinMann are booked in…we are waiting for the confirmation…we’ll be by the river in the

We’re looking forward to the Zeitgest and the Sense of Place of this thing!

See below more about the Mauer Mob…


This project is initiated by Martin Butler, a British performance maker and curator, working together with the liminal institute.

“Mauer Mob. 2009 – Recreating the Berlin Wall” is a large scale art project in the frame work of the 20 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, in Berlin, Germany. The idea is to form on the 9th of november 2009 – the night the Wall fell 20 years ago – a line of people that will recreate the Berlin Wall with their physical presence, marking the path where the wall once stood. Thousands of people will form a human chain that will make its way on the 9th of november around 8.15pm. This action will last for approximately 15 minutes.

The Berlin Wall project is about creating a “temporary monument of reflection”. When it was created, the wall was one of the clearest man-made divisions of people with different ideologies. For the 20th anniversary of its deconstruction we will rebuild the Berlin Wall, not from steel and concrete, but from people. To remember when Berlin became one again after decades of separations – physically as well as in the minds…

With the “Mauer Mob. 09 Project”, we want to say that such divisions are no longer acceptable in today’s society. To join, just register with one of the 330 groups on this website – we are looking forward to make something special happen together… and to see you all on the 9th November…

Best wishes
Mauer Mob




One year ago BerlinRomExpress was born, on a hot Roman evening. Time goes by, many events have unfold since then. The Crisis. The total disappearance of the Palast der Republik in Berlin and the appearance of a big green meadow. The Macro opening postponement in Rome. And so on.

We took this picture 2 years ago, during our holiday in Berlin in August 2007. Would it be crazy, we thought, to consider Berlin like our home away from home?

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