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A Republic founded on Scratch-and-win

For the past 3 years or so, every morning I had cappuccino and cornetto in the same cafe’. Almost every morning I find a slightly rubberish dust on one of the tables. Was it possible that kids were erasing mistakes from their home-works at the cafe’ with their milk and ciambella? Suspicious.

And one morning, I got the illumination, Amelie-Poulain style: the strange dust was the result of frantic scratching of “Gratta e Vinci”, “Win for Life” and “Turista per Sempre”: Scartch-and-Win cards, sold by the dozen every single morning at the counter. Promising you millions or 4,000 euro per month (a sort of nice salary) and then a balloon payment at the end (if you are still alive). Continue reading ‘A Republic founded on Scratch-and-win’


Energy changes against climate change!

Yesterday we participated to a meeting organized by iMille, a group of PD party members – the majority of which lives and works abroad – trying to get things moving in Italy. Continue reading ‘Energy changes against climate change!’

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