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Frau power!

We love the EXBERLINER cover. Maybe because we need Spring and we crave that shade of Forsythia yellow? Or because our neighbors in Berlin are Hertha Mueller and Monika Maron? Or because we adore Sasha Waltz’s work? Or because we grew up during the punk years, reading Christiane F. with cassettes of Nina Hagen in our ghettoblaster? Or because our favorite European talkshow is Maybrit Illner’s?


Neues Museum: MAXXI


A celebration for the completion of brick-and-mortar works: that’s rare in Rome!

Tonight, at the new Museum for the Arts of the XXI century, Sasha Waltz and Guests celebrated Zaha Hadid’s first work with a site-specific performance…

We followed the tortured process leading to the MAXXI creation during our Sunday morning winter walks in Rome. The building site has been up for 10 years. At last it’s over. I quite like the result. In this area of Rome, on both sides of the river, too many barracks still eat up space and at last one of them is gone, and an urban area is now open and free for the citizens to enjoy it.


Effimero, dinamico, alieno Maxxi icona dell’arte che verra’

Laura Larcan – Repubblica Continue reading ‘Neues Museum: MAXXI’


Maxxi dialoge

We love the film 24hberlin. In one of the evening episodes we discovered Sasha Waltz’s performances, filmed in the Volksbühne. The RomaEuropaFestival has just started and Sasha Waltz will create a performance for the inauguration of the MAXXI, the new museum for contemporary arts designed by Zaha Hadid, at mid november…


We followed the development of the huge building site over the years…but refrained from going there in the latest months…we want to have the big surprise.

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