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24 hours Berlin: 6am in the morning


Two nice discoveries today. A friend in London told me about The Auteurs. And while browsing the movies MeinMann discovered 24 hours Berlin by Volker Heise.

Well, all this has been around for a while but nevertheless, better late than never!

If you love movies The Auteurs is a precious website. And if you love Berlin, you will love this collection of 24 movies shot in Berlin one year ago, each one covering a specific hour of the day. With stunning photography and everyday stories.

The first part of 24 hours Berlin takes us in the capital and her inhabitants at 6am. Nori at the BMW motorbike factory in Spandau. An inmate in the Knast in Reinickendorf. Waking up in a flat in Schoeneberg. A Koepenick fisherman on the Mueggelsee. An old man waiting for heart surgery at the Charite’ hospital in Mitte. A round-the-clock bakery in Schlesisches Tor. An interview with von und zu Guttemberg in front of Brandenburger Gate about John McCain (John McCain…? who was that?). A vain and antipathique foreign correspondent headquartered in Gendarmenmarkt and totally waterproof to the country he’s reporting from.

The crisis was just starting: September 5th, 2008. MeinMann and I only watched episode 1 so far (the one covering the awakening of the city, in between6.00 am and 7 am) and so there’s more to come. We have 23 movies in stock to look forward to now!

One year after this magnificient series of shootings I wonder what happened to the people portrayed in the movie. The world changed an awful lot in the meantime.

Sarah Palin and her red jackets were pestering our screens one year ago. FW Steinmeier was not sure to become THE candidate to the Kanzleramt. Lehman Brothers was fame and glory. Barack Obama was preceded by an “If”. Von und zu Guttemberg was in the making. KaDeWe was strong as an ox. The S-bahn ran on time (but with a dark secret) and the U55 was still in the box.  We were still discussing the project for our flat in Berlin.

This movie frames life in the city and its Zeitgeist. Berlin is the lucky town which deserved but also generated such an oeuvre, I hope it means something beautiful for its future.


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