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our city

We’re living in a tesseract city, MeinMann and I…

I live in the past, here in Dusseldorf…the beautiful Summer sky…

MeinMann lives in the future, in New City…the glorious Summer biergartens…

We both lived briefly in the past, last week…in Rome…the city where WE were born, as a couple…

We sometimes cherish our elated and frustated days in Leeds…the city where we got even with our respective quotas of UK, of park life…(Blur – you know who you are)

A portion of our hearts always lives in Berlin.

Sei la mia città, ti sento dentro e quando tornerò, qualcosa cambierà…


Preparing for the holidays



….going through my notes…mumble mumble…this week we will head to Berlin and then Rome!


we’re 8 years old!

P1220062Today is BerlinRomExpress birthday! It seems yesterday when I fiddled around with WordPress and one evening while I was at home alone, MeinMann was studying for his ExecMBA at the time, I came up with a name which could give an idea of Europe, of trains linking North and South – while staying close to the East – and of life along that imaginary line from Rome, via Trieste, to Berlin.

For some curious set of circumstances, we now live and work between Leeds and Dusseldorf. Life is curious sometimes! But BerlinRomExpress keeps stitching together all the parts!


Mandrione Kiez

A bit of nostalgia of Rome…a view of Mandrione, one of Rome’s Kiez, in the latest movie by Francesca Archibugi.

With a marvellous song by Lucio Dalla…”Telefonami tra vent’anni”… Continue reading ‘Mandrione Kiez’


Roma, dear

We’ll leave for the holidays on Monday. We love that forbidden feeling. So today a nice Saturday out in Rome, playing the tourist and indulging in self-indulgence.

The most perfect cappuccino with a fantastic cornetto. The fall/winter fashion in the magazines. A nice breeze, a kissing sun. The perfect pizza bianca con mozzarella, fiori di zucca e alici and a tall glass of that magic bar-made iced tea that you still find in some cafés, not sugary, with a spoon of lemon granita. Bliss! And windows adorned of pervenche-blue plumbago next to the Pantheon. Hmmm…I’m enjoying the savor of the city. And Rome is doing her best to make us stay.

And then, after a nice walk – zac! The disappointing moment arrives. A small event epitomizing many of the things we hate in Italy. This one:

This time round I paid and said nothing. Because this will be the last time. It’s not worth complaining anymore.

Only ten days ago I would have argued with the café owner. I price things for a living and I cannot stand when people make a fool of me.

An affogato al caffé is an ice-cream ball drowned in a cup of espresso. Now, the price of a cono with one ice cream ball is about 2 euro. The price of an espresso at the counter ranges from 0.80 euro to 1.30 euro (at Caffé Greco – but Vitti is no historic café). Now someone explain me why at the counter for an espresso and one ice cream ball – no extra labor-intensive value added – I should pay 5 euro instead of something in the region of 2.80 – 3.30 eur.

You’ll have to do without me, belli miei. Go screw someone else…may your quick bucks be the last.


the color purple

Source: DeutscheWelle

Yesterday we joined the purple protest.


Neues Museum: MAXXI


A celebration for the completion of brick-and-mortar works: that’s rare in Rome!

Tonight, at the new Museum for the Arts of the XXI century, Sasha Waltz and Guests celebrated Zaha Hadid’s first work with a site-specific performance…

We followed the tortured process leading to the MAXXI creation during our Sunday morning winter walks in Rome. The building site has been up for 10 years. At last it’s over. I quite like the result. In this area of Rome, on both sides of the river, too many barracks still eat up space and at last one of them is gone, and an urban area is now open and free for the citizens to enjoy it.


Effimero, dinamico, alieno Maxxi icona dell’arte che verra’

Laura Larcan – Repubblica Continue reading ‘Neues Museum: MAXXI’

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