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Guns and zucchini

In these days another chapter of the post-democratic scenario is on stage. Milan has been covered in billboards associating judges and the brigate rosse. Brigate rosse killed many judges, but the reality is no longer important in Italy. It’s the narrative, the story pushed down the throat of the general public what matters. They rewrite history. I told you, the more I live in Italy the more I recognize the patterns of 1930s Weimar Republic.

Today Repubblica’s Friday magazine, “Il Venerdì” quotes a famous cover of Der Spiegel. It’s the same cover as Der Spiegel but with vegetables instead of spaghetti. “La mafia a tavola: vegetables, meat, fruit, cheeses, bread: clan by clan see who’s controlling our daily grocery shopping, and who turns a profit from it”.

A journalist* from Il Tempo comments on his blog with a blasé tone of those who know better and look down on others:“il Venerdì quotes the sinister Bild cover. Now they put Saviano even in our salad. Ok then, Happy Easter”.

Of course, no comment. Many Italian journalists are not only constructing a fictitious narrative and at best sneer at those who try to do their job and still do reportages. They are also poorly documented and lazy, don’t even do fact check. A journalist confusing Bild and Der Spiegel must really be very ignorant. But I’m not surprised.

*Pardon, he’s not a simple journalist, he’s “il direttore”. Congrats to the YesMen around him too.


Italia: the girl turns 150

2011. Italy turns 150.

I am not sure whether the institutions will truly celebrate this birthday. I don’t perceive around the same excitement, drive to a common objective and momentum of Germany’s Berlin Wall fall 20th anniversary celebrations. The polemics will probably clip the 150 anniversary’s wings and it may well be that the querelle prevails on the actions. And division prevails on togetherness. An archetypal Italian problem. Continue reading ‘Italia: the girl turns 150’


Sturm und ‘nDrangheta

From Wikipedia: “The protagonist in a typical Sturm und Drang stage work, poem, or novel is driven to action—often violent action—not by pursuit of noble means nor by true motives, but by revenge and greed”.

A few days ago Roberto Saviano wrote an article about the cultural roots of Ndrangheta and its behavioral patterns. There’s a lot about revenge and about the ancestral condition de la femme. Saviano investigates on the Ndrangheta’s primal roots: tribe, land, crops, cattle and woman. In this order. All the rest is disposable or swappable, be it investments (in Northern Italy, in real estate) or consumption (other women, being them from the North or the East, prostitutes or lovers).

Today Deutschlandfunk dedicated a feature to ‘Ndrangheta in its Europa Heute programme. Its starting point is the flourishing consumption of cocaine in Northern (and not only) Italy, the reports from hospitals on the matter, and the ramifications in the real estate industry in the suburbs of Milan.

Photo: Wikipedia credits – “The nightmare” by Henry Fuseli


the mud machine

Roberto Saviano on the mud machine. The mechanism by which freedom of the press and freedom of expression are under threat in Italy.

Shall I stay or shall I go? Fabio Fazio and Roberto Saviano give reasons for Resistere! Resistere! Resistere! or for giving up and looking for a better life, somewhere else.

It’s the post-democracy. Now, in a store near to you.


the color purple

Source: DeutscheWelle

Yesterday we joined the purple protest.


roberto, talking about anna

Tonight Roberto Saviano reminds us that Anna Politkovskaja was a courageous journalist, but also a normal woman, earning her life, shopping for groceries. She wanted to lead a normal life, and she tried to do that until her last day.


Continue reading ‘roberto, talking about anna’


heroes, heroin

Today’s article by Roberto Saviano, on why for some young Italians living in the South going to war is the only option to earn their living.

Quel sangue del Sud versato per il Paese

Roberto Saviano

Vengo da una terra di reduci e combattenti. E l’ennesima strage di soldati non l’accolgo con la sorpresa di chi, davanti a una notizia particolarmente dolorosa e grave, torna a includere una terra lontana come l’Afghanistan nella propria geografia mentale. Per me quel territorio ha sempre fatto parte della mia geografia, geografia di luoghi dove non c’è pace. Gli italiani partiti per laggiù e quelli che restano in Sicilia, in Calabria o in Campania per me fanno in qualche modo parte di una mappa unica, diversa da quella che abbraccia pure Firenze, Torino o Bolzano. Continue reading ‘heroes, heroin’

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