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For a higher energy cost

So you like your carrots to be bio. And your milk without hormones. You buy the meat in that farm where the animals can have a good life and are slaughtered with mercy. And you stopped ten years ago buying orangey salmon grown in small overcrowded tanks. And those deep-discount corn flakes surely come from cereals treated with poisons in Chinese or Bulgarian fields. Better go for the high price tag giving a guarantee.

Why don’t you use the same approach for energy? Why do you want it cheap and dirty?

Think about it. You could spend twice as much for your energy. Yes you should. And you would end up getting a better value for money too. Because there’s no free lunch in energy too. What you think you’re saving now, you pay it back in various ways.


The average electric power spend per Italian citizen per year is about Eur 500. Add to it all the money you spend for your car: fuel (with Italian taxes on top of it), insurance (probably one of the must successful cartels in Italy), hefty car maintenance fees, garage rents, plus time spent in the traffic, diseases such as bronchitis and asthma affecting your old folks and your children.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend a bit more for your energy, knowing what you’re buying and spend a bit less on the rest? Less money, less time, less diseases? Spending for the long-term, by investing in the right infrastructure, a clever smart grid implementation, energy-saving technologies in all buildings. All this has a cost. But it is an investment, not a constant out-of-pocket expense. Especially for a country like Italy. Without energy resources, with a very bad track record when it comes to security and safety – think garbage – and a chronic hunger for big projects generating big corruption schemes. You see it by yourself. Nuclear energy – for Italy – is not an option. Period.

Wouldn’t your life be better if you could rely more on public transport, cycle to work without wearing a mask and risking your life, use the car and the motorbike only when necessary and when it’s a pleasure not a chore? Make car sharing a normal urban ritual? Spend less time in traffic? Breath a cleaner air thanks to a higher share of hybrid and electric cars in urban areas? Be able to use your bugaboo on the pavement instead of finding cars parked there? Have your children cycle to school safely? And your young adult offspring go out by night, get a little drunk but come home safely with the underground at 4 in the morning and not slalom with a motorino in the dark among cars? Continue reading ‘For a higher energy cost’


Plumbers wanted

A few months ago a German journalist wrote that by playing “the fool” Berlusconi was able to dare where other PM dare not, ie to deal with the not-so-politically correct leaders of (big and small) countries rich in energy sources. She wrote that his being out of the perimeter of the comme il faut PM gave him more freedom to mingle with the others and pursue single-handedly and ruthlessly specific interests in the energy business. Bottom line: pay attention to the fool and his weapons of mass distraction.

The Wikileaks files on Italy, Russia and gas are therefore not so surprising. Embarassing, maybe. Yet they are important, because they proof that intuitions of a citizen coming from common sense were intuitions of the American intelligence too.

Plumbers will be even in higher demand now. Diplomats and spies have always been trying to plug holes somewhere, or fill them. Then came the Nixon era with the White House Plumbers. Now Wikileaks will give a new dimension to the art of plumbing. For sure we will have no leaks like these in the future.

But in the meantime let’s dive into more pipes, tubes and pumps. Southstream, Nabucco, Northstream, Gazprom, ENI, the Italian Foreign Office. Enjoy.

Continue reading ‘Plumbers wanted’


Energy changes against climate change!

Yesterday we participated to a meeting organized by iMille, a group of PD party members – the majority of which lives and works abroad – trying to get things moving in Italy. Continue reading ‘Energy changes against climate change!’

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