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The many ports of Berlin: Tempelhofer Hafen

In the weekend press there was this article about the Hotel Luftbrücke in Dudenstrasse, which was owned by the MfS (aka STASI) and was used as a base for DDR spies in West Berlin and for spying US airforce crews staying at the hotel, opposite Tempelhof airport. The hotel now no longer exists, the building has been turned into apartments. Still the area around Tempelhof is haunted by history. The blockade, Columbia Haus in the nazi period, the Viktoria column on top of its eponymous park…

Affectionate readers of this blog know how much we love to browse around the many Berlin airports and how much we’re going to miss Tegel when it will close down in a year’s time. But this year we decided to go discovering also the many ports of Berlin. After Westhafen, enter Tempelhofer Hafen.

It’s tucked below the airport field, in the heart of Tempelhofer Damm neighborhood. More than a hundred years old, like many of the buildings we love in Berlin, it was designed by Christain Havestadt and was refurbished in 2008 by REM+tec Architekten and West 8.

Similarly to Westhafen, there are quays with sliding cranes but here the basin is squared and closed by a dam. Here not only cereals but also sugar, tobacco and oils were stocked under the silos pointy roofs. Compared to Westhafen on the Spandauer Kanal, this port on the Teltow Kanal has a slightly more Dutch feeling to it.

Even here we can’t break away from the very special Berlin history. Until the reunification this was one of the locations where the strategic reserves of food of West Berlin were stocked, the famous “Senatreserve”.

The place now has now become a mixed-use development, with retail on the Tempelhoferdamm side and a couple of bars and Strandbars on the quay. On a boat, fabulous Bismarkbrötchen. Strategic berlinese food…

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