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Bridge of skies


This is not a bridge…it is a U-bahn tunnel (Magritte).


Reading Berlin


Each time I am in Berlin I like to read local. In this case the book had been purchased at Hatchard’s in London, but that’s it, I like to schlepp books across Europe. If I have not a book when approaching public transport I feel naked. Kindle-free zone, yes.

“The Good German” is set in Berlin just after its liberation. “Leaving Berlin” takes place a few years after, in 1948. The plot is even more tangled. And as I read, I know all the streets, the corners, the bridges. What I did not expect, is that a key tun of the story takes place exactly in our Kiez…close to home. Are you curious to check that out? Spoiler! Continue reading ‘Reading Berlin’


remembrance of what?



January 27th – remembrance of the victims of the nazi-fascist holocaust. Not “giorno della memoria” (remembrance day) as the media keep on calling it in Italy.

Let’s be specific, please. The need of awareness of the past remains high. You just need to read the Italian or Russian press today.



A typical Schoeneberg Saturday

A quick check of the fleamarket at Rathaus Schoeneberg, promen-eating and gossiping at Winterfeldplatz with Klaus and a few weddings to look at across the park: it’s a typical Saturday in our Bezirk 🙂


Elections: vote for Lars

Arriving in Berlin we could see on every pole of our street the A3-sized billboards showing the faces of the local candidates for the September Berlin elections. Posters are quite dignified and their graphics is clean. Slogans are almost absent. Therefore silly slogans and kitsch promises are spared to us.

This morning we met one of the friendliest faces seen on the billboard, Lars. He was handing out leaflets at the local Rathaus/Market. We run into him while rushing to catch the bus.

With a hat and adidas trainers, Lars handed us a SPD programme. Definitely clearer than PD’s 2006 “programma”. Would we vote for Lars, had we the opportunity of electing the Senat? We will investigate and let you know!



In our neighborhood kids take the tube on their own. They are not dropped in front of the school by the parents driving SUVs or other less status-conscious but also CO2-producing vehicles. Now that they are on holiday, here’s how they turned the U-bahn’s stairs into a skilift…

…and into a sledge run! The steps have disappeared under compressed snow, now turned into an icy slope.


Our own private Central Park

Rudolph Wilde Park is our mini-Central Park here in Schöneberg. Buildings dating from the early 1900 (and a very important Kindergarten!) line the park on its four sides. We have our little famous bridge too! the one hosting the most beautiful U-bahn stations in Berlin, the U4’s Rathaus Schöneberg stop.

A lake? we have that! herons in the Summer, ducks until water lasts, and funny skaters thereafter. Gardens? of course, across Bundesallee. Animals? sure. Plenty of rabbits in every season and foxes too by night. And a golden deer keeping an eye on picnic goers in the Summer and daring joggers in the Winter.

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