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his master’s voice

Nothing new really. I could pick any Italian Minzolini, Fede or Vespa broadcast during the Berlusconi Age and it would sound exactly like this. Continue reading ‘his master’s voice’


out of place

Tonight MeinMann and I went to the presentation of the book “Fuori Luogo” written by Claudia Ceroni and Federico Taddia at the Feltrinelli Colonna bookstore here in Rome.

Stories of Italians who had to expatriate in order for their project to be taken seriously, be it in research, the arts or architecture. Not all of them are 19 years old. Not all of them have a PhD.

It is not a book listing reasons for leaving, or a catalogue of frustrations. The people who left did so not because they were against something but rather, because they kept on pursuing a project beyond the border. They had an idea, tried to realize it in Italy, were considered excentric, outsiders, dreamers or wishful thinkers. Left the country.

They did not turn the idea in an instant success abroad, but they achieved their goals with the usual share of hard work. So no miracle recipe. Still, they proved that their idea was right, even if all what they got in Italy until then was discouragement and mockery. An example? Also an Italian guy and his ideas are behind the creation of the IdeaStore public libraries in East London.

The book was presented by Tiziana Ferrario, a former anchorwoman at RAI 1 (click on the link to know why she’s no longer on air). During question time, I asked the authors and the journalist if also the media share responsibilty for this discouragement. There are no longer programmes focusing on work on our TVs. Jobs such as the baker or the vet. The project manager or the teacher. The environmental engineer or the farmer. We can see these on Deutschewelle – for instance on EuroMaxx – whereas the only careers advertised by our media are footballers, showgirls (veline) and politicians.

Ms Ferrario answered that what you can expect from Italian media is even more cover-up, more tout va bien Madame la Marquise, more propaganda. “It is a system favoring appartenenza over meritocracy”. Appartenenza=belonging to a closed club/family/tribe/kast/political party.

And I would add, favoring appearance over substance. No wonder people want to leave. Sometimes without ideas or sufficient language skills. But with a lot of frustration. Just log into one of the many forum and blogs on the theme.

Today’s Herald Tribune cover showed the photo of a young Greek woman, 29, who will be leaving Athens in 2 weeks to start working as an hotel manager in Abu Dhabi. “In other countries, people are encouraged. In Greece they are held back”.

There are people with ideas. And countries without strategies (and plenty of debts).

Photo: voglioviverecosi


Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette

MeinMann – differently from me – is very synthetic when it comes to descriptions. Yesterday night, commenting the most recent post-democratic involution in our country, I could not find proper words, but he said “Italian frogs will soon be reaching boiling point”. Continue reading ‘Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette’


the color purple

Source: DeutscheWelle

Yesterday we joined the purple protest.


Twitter & the STASI

My brother just Twitted me from Triest, he’s watching tonight “The lives of others”, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s incredible movie  on RAI1.

We saw the film at the cinema when it came out and then I bought a DVD in the Original Version. In German of course it’s more impressive. Since then I’ve collected and listened to the RADIO2 and RADIO3 STASI programmes over the past months (See Wall section) and more importantly, I’ve read Anna Funder’s book, Stasiland.

I was wondering tonight, what the STASI would have been like, if Twitter had existed back then. A STASI Twitter, where Erich & Erich would be the sole administrators, being able to see all sorts of tweets from unofizielle Mitarbeiters...”Frau Schumann now out with her grey shopping bag – Herr Peters entering the ironmongers’ – Official: Erika Schmidt has an affair with her professor” and so on…

Continue reading ‘Twitter & the STASI’


the new partisans


Anna, Natalia, Anastasia. Tomorrow in Piazza del Popolo, we’ll be there for them and for the other journalists who lost their lives.

We will be there for supporting all journalists who are doing their work in the world, those who report the facts. They fight for our freedom. They are our new partisans.

And we will be protesting against those journalists who hide the facts. The collabos.


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