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The anti-cultural imaginaire in Italy is nowadays so strong and so mainstream that, if you try to invite someone to a film seguito da dibattito the cynical Fantozzi cliché kicks in. Think paternalistic and compulsory cine-club cult-movie viewing with the colleagues followed by a debate. This must be the reason why there are so little movie+debate evenings in Italy now?

Meno male that we’ve got the dependable Goethe Institute, who’s not afraid of stitching up very well structured movie+debate soirées. The initiative is part of the “Va bene?!” programme, whereby Italian and German journalists exchange views with the public on common Italo-German themes. A few months ago we had Beppe Severgnini and Mark Spörrle presenting their Berlin-Palermo travelogue. This time round the focus was on immigration policies and their success and failure.

Deutschlandistan, a documentary shot by Pietro Suber and Francesco Tosto focused on aspects of integration in the Berlin district of Neukölln. Continue reading ‘Deutschlandistan’


Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette

MeinMann – differently from me – is very synthetic when it comes to descriptions. Yesterday night, commenting the most recent post-democratic involution in our country, I could not find proper words, but he said “Italian frogs will soon be reaching boiling point”. Continue reading ‘Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette’

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