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people we like @ Berlin – Elizabeth Peyton

I discovered Elizabeth Peyton in 2002 in NYC. Venturing to the PS1 for the first time with my friend Lys we saw these fabulous drawings on paper , and one of them hit me with incredible force. It was a portrait of the British solo sailor Ellen McArthur, in an orange heavy-duty boat gear, her short cropped hair swept by the wind and her eyes glowing from a gale-proof smile like the one you see in the picture here below. Continue reading ‘people we like @ Berlin – Elizabeth Peyton’


bauhaus in ny


Last Summer MeinMann and I visited in Berlin the wunderbar bauhaus exhibition in Berlin. We were a bit disappointed by the fact it was located at the Martin Gropius Bau. The furniture and interior design section was a bit cramped in the tiny exhibition rooms. But this was the first time we could see all in one go the entire history and the whole spectrum of the bauhaus movement, starting with the skyscraper inspired by the gothic cathedral…


Now the exhibition migrates to the neo-modernist cathedral, the MOMA in NYC




Thomas Demand


When I visited the MOMA in NYC the most striking experience I took away with me were the photographs by Thomas Demand. He photographs interiors, sometimes even landscapes. The trick is, they are entirely made by paper, by Demand himself.

Now the Neue Nationalsgalerie hosts an exhibition which is unmissable. I am really looking forward to visiting it. Check the Monocle article

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