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Refurbishing memories


On the one hand Berlin airport, Elbphilharmonie, Staatsoper, BND…many “grands projets” in Germany currently have a few problems in being completed. On the other hand, these are the exceptions which confirm the rule: many projects – big and small – every day are delivered on time, on budget, on specification.

One of these is the refurbishment of the U-Bahn station Bayerischer Platz in Schoeneberg. This was our very first encounter with the underground Berlin when, in the Easter week of 2002, we parked our car nearby and took the U7 here. “Look at this station, it looks really shabby and…East Berlin…but it is strange since we are in the West” was our first impression. We still had not realised that West Berlin is dotted with concrete blocks, memories of a fast and furious building activities after 1945.

Now the white and bluette Betonklotz has been removed and a slightly modernist construction has emerged. What I particularly like is the fact that in the underground corridors and in the café upstairs a lot of photos remember the life of the Kiez in the years before WWII and tell the story of the many Jewish families living in this area. And I also like the way the windows have been decorated…by glancing outside the old Berlin of the late 1930s magically appears, like in a fata morgana.


David Chipperfield meets Mies van der Rohe: wow…

P1120564David Chipperfield quotes Mies van der Rohe. What a beautiful moment in the Neue Nationalgalerie, just before it closes down for refurbishment until…2018.


bauhaus in ny


Last Summer MeinMann and I visited in Berlin the wunderbar bauhaus exhibition in Berlin. We were a bit disappointed by the fact it was located at the Martin Gropius Bau. The furniture and interior design section was a bit cramped in the tiny exhibition rooms. But this was the first time we could see all in one go the entire history and the whole spectrum of the bauhaus movement, starting with the skyscraper inspired by the gothic cathedral…


Now the exhibition migrates to the neo-modernist cathedral, the MOMA in NYC




Thomas Demand


When I visited the MOMA in NYC the most striking experience I took away with me were the photographs by Thomas Demand. He photographs interiors, sometimes even landscapes. The trick is, they are entirely made by paper, by Demand himself.

Now the Neue Nationalsgalerie hosts an exhibition which is unmissable. I am really looking forward to visiting it. Check the Monocle article

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