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CIMG0214Weird, the fact that coming home warmth is a concept associated with underfloor heating…and not a kiss and a hugh with one’s beloved one…:(


Cosy Sunday



Mein Mann

Wednesday, 06:30am, in my office.

The delivery of the first project after less than a month in the organisation. I had slept 5 hours or so. A good breakfast, good clothes, a careful makeup and off I went. The kick off was at 07:00. And the roll-out would take until late, 10pm or so.

After the first tranche of work was delivered, I came back in my office, now flooded with the mid-morning light. A giant bouquet, all orange roses, red and fuxia gerberas, was there waiting for me. My team had enjoué looks and even without reading the card I knew it came from Rome.

Mein Mann has spoiled me with such surprises during our roman years. But this time I was really amazed, absorbed as I was in my first weeks of intense change. A new job, completely new challenges, alone in Dusseldorf on my own after work, like a soldier doing the night shift. Still Mein Mann and I, even if we’re so far away, are together in this adventure. And soon the best part of the aventure will begin!


Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette

MeinMann – differently from me – is very synthetic when it comes to descriptions. Yesterday night, commenting the most recent post-democratic involution in our country, I could not find proper words, but he said “Italian frogs will soon be reaching boiling point”. Continue reading ‘Grenouilles à la Reichstag, nouvelle recette’


Countdown to holidays…minus 3!!!


Three days to the kick-off of our holidays!! Pucci-style silk, Hawaianas, lots of bangles, a funky Fahrrad, lots of friends to meet…

Of course we are not heading to Ibiza, but for parties on the Spree!

(better bring an anorak too?).

source: Dr Oetker




One year ago BerlinRomExpress was born, on a hot Roman evening. Time goes by, many events have unfold since then. The Crisis. The total disappearance of the Palast der Republik in Berlin and the appearance of a big green meadow. The Macro opening postponement in Rome. And so on.

We took this picture 2 years ago, during our holiday in Berlin in August 2007. Would it be crazy, we thought, to consider Berlin like our home away from home?

Continue reading ‘BlogPalast!’


teasing you about Berlin (and Rome)

A very packed week, but filled with interesting meetings and impromptu social clips and plenty of food of thought beyond the bread and butter rat-race…witty discussions, clever views, that’s one of the pleasures of Rome in June: friends but also business partners flock to Rome and make it more exciting!

It’s  friday night. The Monocle copy is under my arm. This one is a gift by an Aficionado (or addicted, just like us) to both the magazine and Berlin. So even more appreciated! The weekend starts and a light breeze is mitigating the baking-oven heat. The groceries will be delivered on our doorstep by the e-shop. Jazzanova is spinning the records. Perfect…


We are going to take it easy in Rome, which is something quite unheard of for locals during the week. We morph in tourists for the weekend, and like them, we are not commuting to Tuscany in tight air-conditioned car-sauros wearing Tod’s loafers but rather seize the best of Rome in Birkenstock style. We’ll be spotting the first cinema en plein air venues, and we planned brunches in the shade for today and tomorrow.

Friends in Berlin and London: please send us a bit of proper rain showers and we’ll give you plenty of sun we can part with. Reading the morning papers in yet another good cappuccino place with the metallic smell of dust being moist by the first fat drops of rain is a pleasure in the summer.

And yes, we are reading this issue’s Editorial by Tyler Brulé, “Observation” with a connoisseur’s smile…in August we’ll be at our buen retiro in Berlin…can’t wait…

So here we are, teasing you with the preface and a nice illustration from the Editorial, tempting you to discover why Brulé is now observing “love at the second glance” Berlin…

“What would win your heart – an alluring first impression or a tempting parting glance? For Tyler Brûlé it was the latter that had him dreaming of relocating the Monocle team to Berlin and bagging a summer retreat”.

Source: picture and quote = Monocle

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