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Constructively utopian

mgb14_wchutemas_entwicklungsarbeit_krinski_media_gallery_res-1At the Martin Gropius Bau, WChUTEMAS, the Russian bauhaus. Incredible, to read the topics given by the professors to the students, and compare them with the drawings of buildings defying gravity…


Gropius Bau bliss

P1050667There is no Berlin holiday without Martin Gropius Bau exhibition. This time it was Meret Oppenheim, and this was an excellent idea “della Stephi”!

What an artist! What a woman! Truly inspiring…


It’s the Kondratiev wave, baby

The wave is washing against the shore. Let’s brace ourselves. This Kondratiev cycle is about to close.

I want to believe that the next cycle will be the clean and lean technology one. I’m betting on it. I’m swimming towards that direction.


Colors at last!

Even if the Winter is less gray in Rome than it is in Berlin, today was the truly first day bursting with colors and Spring temperatures in Rome. Ochre buildings were brighter, the sky had almost a porcelain finish to it. This morning we discovered that the little mimosa tree in front of the Accademia Tedesca was in full bloom. As fluffy as your favourite pet.


Events in Berlin, 2011

If among your New Year’s resolutions there is indeed a trip to Berlin, don’t forget that the Berlinale starts on February 10th…it may be cold, but the Berlinale will warm you up!

On this page you will find a list of good reasons for coming to Berlin: art, music, exhibitions, fashion, sport, culture…you name it. Continue reading ‘Events in Berlin, 2011’


time for new year’s resolutions?

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2011! Happy 2011!

If among your New Year’s resolutions there is indeed a trip to Berlin, don’t forget that the Berlinale starts on February 10th…it may be cold, but the Berlinale will warm you up! More information for the whole of 2011 will be added in the coming days, however you find some bits and pieces for Jan-March 2011…

– “Hitler und die Deutschen: Volkgemeinschaft und Verbrechen” (Hitler and the Germans, nation and crime”) until Feb 6
– “1990 der weg zur Einheit” until Jan 2

“Chandogin” war photographs from Karelia and Leningrad 1939-1944 – until Feb 6

“Làzlò Moholy-Nagy Art of Light” until Jan 16
“Pierre Soulages” until Jan 17
“World knowledge, 300 years of science in Berlin” until Jan 9

“Nan Goldin – Berlin works” until March 28
“Arno Fischer – Photographs” until Feb 28
“Menschen Dinge Menschenwerk – Emil Otto Hoppé Photographs” until Feb 28


The mirrored society

Grand Palais, Bulgari retrospective exhibition opening, December 9th 2010.

I had not been inside the Grand Palais since 2008’s Monumenta, when Richard Serra mounted the giant slabs of iron inside the enormous building, emphasizing its volume.

This time the surface of the Nef was not visible, black jewellery boxes creating a mysterious angular maze. At the center of the labyrinth the glass vault mirror image collapsed in a mirrored multifaceted negative cast of a diamond. The scenographic effect of shattered architecture reminded me of the Crystal City Mind operation by Coordination in Berlin.

Mirrors are around us. Since the bauhaus we grew accustomed to the colonization of the urban landscape by reflective, hard surfaces. Dramatic reflection and duplication had been monopolized until then by Alpine landscapes. Bauhaus gave us the new mountains, the new lakes.

Last Summer we visited a few times the “Innen Stadt Aussen” exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau. Olafur Eliasson’s use of mirrors is mesmerizing. Sometimes it creates a sense of anxiety. In fact the Mikroskop installation capsizing the Martin Gropius Bau vault reminded us of the Cube movie.

Still Eliasson’s use of light and mirrors is also candid and this generates positive feelings. The poetic mirror-wheel bicycles resting in Berlin woods are not abandoned, rather they live a sort of symbiosis with the nature surrounding them.

Eliasson extracts even sense of humor from mirrors. The Curious Museum installation puts the mirror in its traditional vanity, servant-and-witness capacity. The Martin Gropius Bau as an old lady, being offered a mirror by her coiffeur to gaze into the perfection of her hairdo.

And we could share the incredible love declaration to Berlin and its jagged beauty done by Eliasson with his movie, where a mirror-van cruises across the snowy city, telling tales.

Mirrors surround us. Quest or disguise? It’s the same old story…


Photos: Grand Palais – StripedCat; Others – Olafureliasson website.

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