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free riders

Yet another free riding story. Like the buildings on the Appennini, in L’Aquila or Accumuli or Amatrice, which crumble when the mountains shrug off. Or the schools in San Giuliano, where kids die istead of studying. Always a question of money. Either mafia or camorra or n’drangheta, or just plain stealing. The cladding of Grenfell Tower was like sick polyester. And free riders could go for cheap materials instead of  valuable and safe ones. Just profit, no matter with what organisation behind, and same results. People die.


cats in the earthquake

A friend from the IOL forum highlighted today that the famous Largo Argentina Cat Sanctuary association has rescued some cats from the L’Aquila earthquake and they are available for adoption, since it is difficult to find their owners.

You can find all the information on the Association on their website …


Next time you are in Rome, come and distribute some extra cuddling to the Largo Argentina cats…they need you!


earthquake shakes up rome

04.40 am CET, back in our 5th floor flat in Rome, after an hour in the street in pajamas. One hour ago I woke up feeling the bed shaking from right to left, shouted “it’s the earthquake!!!”, MeinMann and I  jumped out of bed and run to the traegende wand or muri portanti, the thickest wall. We heard cracking noises from the building structure. It was bloody long and strong, and shaking like waves. It lasted who knows, maybe a minute, maybe les, but it felt like a minute. We were staring at our X-shaped laundry thing in the corridor, it moved fast, with an oscillation of at least 5cm, as though someone was shaking it. Continue reading ‘earthquake shakes up rome’

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