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Sixth wave: building up!

Welche Länder bei der Elektromobilität führen (Electric Vehicle Index, in Prozent)

Source: McKinsey via


Scarcity effect and the sixth wave

Today I was at the annual general meeting of ThyssenKrupp. A few days ago I saw a presentation by Siemens.

The interesting thing is that even if on different sectors and business models, both groups integrate in their strategies the scarcity of resources. In the case of Siemens, the scarcity of public spending for national health systems. And the two groups want to do business not only by selling expensive stuff to clients which can afford it, but also develop “engineered” solutions to scarcity problems – like better and faster diagnosys with lighter RMIs or lighter chassis in cars.

Is this the first shy moving and shaking of Kondratieff’s sixth wave?


Slide: ThyssenKrupp

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