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Pet Shop Boys: cubic chain reaction

Do you remember Rubik’s cube? yesterday in Berlin it magically re-appeared in pop form. Constructive constructivism…a cubic chain reaction.

“Tennant, ein Gentleman mit Hang zur Noblesse, und Lowe, der introvertierte Musikdirektor, sind nicht die geborenen Bühnenpersönlichkeiten. Dennoch gelingen ihnen seit der ersten “Performance”-Tour vor 18 Jahren immer wieder spektakuläre Live-Kunststücke. Diesmal steht die Show ganz im Zeichen des Würfels. Die Boys und ihre vier Tänzer erscheinen zu Beginn mit klobigen Klötzen auf dem Kopf und im Hintergrund stehen Unmengen von übereinander gestapelten weißen Pappkartons, die als Leinwand dienen”.

Source: Pupia tv and Berliner Morgenpost


burst of the bubble

IlGatto and friends were in Berlin last weekend…from what I can see from her pictures they had a good time! These pictures were taken by IlGatto at Brandenburger Tor, with passers-by mesmerized by a guy making bubbles.

all photos by IlGatto…


Neues Museum: MAXXI


A celebration for the completion of brick-and-mortar works: that’s rare in Rome!

Tonight, at the new Museum for the Arts of the XXI century, Sasha Waltz and Guests celebrated Zaha Hadid’s first work with a site-specific performance…

We followed the tortured process leading to the MAXXI creation during our Sunday morning winter walks in Rome. The building site has been up for 10 years. At last it’s over. I quite like the result. In this area of Rome, on both sides of the river, too many barracks still eat up space and at last one of them is gone, and an urban area is now open and free for the citizens to enjoy it.


Effimero, dinamico, alieno Maxxi icona dell’arte che verra’

Laura Larcan – Repubblica Continue reading ‘Neues Museum: MAXXI’


trinita’ dei monti, aka bernauer strasse

Trinità dei Monti, aka Spanish Steps, aka Bernauer Strasse.

During this week the Spanish steps are blocked by the Berlin wall. The installation is a true visual shock, it blocks the view on the steps and the reproduced graffiti contrast beautifully with the bianco marmorino of the church behind.

By night scenes of daily life in West- and East-Berlin are mixed together with music by U2, Pink Floyd, Queen…


(photos next week…my digital camera is kaputt…back to the old Kodak films 😀 )


back from berlin!

0911wo_domino-420x0-420x0We’re just back from Berlin, after this fantastic long week-end dedicated to the fall of the wall. Our digital camera is in ER, so let’s hope that our reflex did a good job…photos in a few days, like in 1989!

The domino fall was fantastic, we were at Elizabeth Lueders Haus, opposite the Reichstagufer.

Actually, in the morning we were interviewed by RTL “What does Berlin mean for you?” “Were you here in 1989?”. Unfortunately not…that’s why we didn’t want to miss this 20th anniversary! In spite of an easyjet flight cancellation, wir waren dabei!!


bauhaus in ny


Last Summer MeinMann and I visited in Berlin the wunderbar bauhaus exhibition in Berlin. We were a bit disappointed by the fact it was located at the Martin Gropius Bau. The furniture and interior design section was a bit cramped in the tiny exhibition rooms. But this was the first time we could see all in one go the entire history and the whole spectrum of the bauhaus movement, starting with the skyscraper inspired by the gothic cathedral…


Now the exhibition migrates to the neo-modernist cathedral, the MOMA in NYC




Tear the wall down on twitter!

twitterwall_screenshot1Tear the wall down on twitter! (thanks Pino!)

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