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Riportiamo le filosofie in cantina


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Bradford’s best

P1210543Sunday in Saltaire…the Salt mill on the river Aire, Bradford. And the surprise is, David Hockney…


Fascinating manufacturing…

It must have something to do with the fact that I visited a ship engine factory at 6…I love to watch these movies!


A star is born: !

We’re back…sorry for the silence. We needed a technical upgrade and it took it a bit longer. But with the occasion, we became easier to remember: we are now !

Thank you to the Readers who came back and check if there was something new. We want to be back with this image we stealed in Berlin. Two trees growing together in an embrace, and thriving. Like Rome and Berlin…

What’s next? We’ll upgrade retrospectively with some Summer content on the beloved topics of Industriekultur and Berlin discoveries, and keep on commenting on current affairs…such as our battled Europe and bits and pieces in other cities we love, such as Triest and Düsseldorf…


Prussian Blue

Altenberg cathedral was founded by the Cistercensian order. It got decomissioned due to “mismanagement and decay of moral standards” and its kloister was transformed in Prussian Blue factory! even when you are on the look for Middle Ages architecture, you stumble upon Industriekultur! Continue reading ‘Prussian Blue’


Mind the Gap

Here you can perceive the geographical gap which makes it necessary to build a lift in order to bring barges and small ships up and down.

Not only the ship is lifted, but also a trough (a portion of channel) where it is temporarily parked. Trains of barges need to be unlocked and inserted one at a time. The lift’s lenght is about a barge. Its width accomodates two barges.


Wanna pump iron? lift boats!

Central Europe means barges. We are always fascinated by the sight of fat barges drifting gently on the Rhine and other world-class big rivers in Europe. Still we had never seen something like the Schiffshebewerk at Niederfinow, next to the Polish border.

Here the rivers Oder and Havel are interlinked by a canal. Still at Niederfinow the Barnim hills create a 36m high gap between the beds of the two rivers. In the past the gap was filled by a stair of locks. But locks take time to be opened and closed and the heavy traffic of barges at this important geo-economical junction called for a swifter solution. A lift. For boats.

The construction phase lasted for about a decade and the result, the Schiffshebewerk, is still operating as if it had been inaugurated yesterday. The lifting time is 5 minutes. Including all manoeuvres to get the ship in the lift, lift it and get it out the total time is about 20 minutes.


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