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Child K, Ausmerzen, Zoo Station


A word regarding “Zoo Station” by David Downing which you already saw on this blog. It is the first volume of the stations series and yes, yet another historical novel page-turner.

But it is the first time that I read in a novel a not so widely-known dark page of history.

Like Marco Paolini in “Ausmerzen” and  the italian short movie “Child K.”  it also deals with the events which brought to mass euthanisation of disabled or slightly disabled children and adults in nazi Germany.

You can listen to an interview abotu this topic also in today’s Zaza’


the fabric of things

At the exhibition there are objects that speak louder than many words.

A roll of yellow fabric. It looks as though it was produced yesterday. Not tarnished, not faded. It shouts that even if the events happened 80 years ago these events are still very close to us.

The Stolpersteine that you see on too many pavements and the panels on every street of Schoeneberg are a constant reminder.

Photo: Merkur


we were neighbors


Tuesday 27th January: “Holocaust Remembrance Day”  or “Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus” or, with typically italian “understatement”, “Giornata della Memoria”.

I was in Berlin on Jan 27th and I visited the exhibition in the Rathaus Schoeneberg Town Hall: “Wir waren Nachbarn” – we were neighbors.

At the townhall all the victims of our Kiez  were listed, by name, occupation. A map highlighted were they lived. Gruenewaldstrasse. Close. Eisenacherstrasse. Pallasstrrasse. Really close.

No “masses” of human beings. But neighbors. Real people. With names, jobs, addresses, families. Continue reading ‘we were neighbors’

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