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Tomorrow, another 27 January. Holocaust memorial day. Or more precisely, Tag des Gedenkes an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus.

Marco Paolini focuses on the  extermination of the disabled persons which took place from 1934 to 1945 with Ausmerzen.

Watch him explaining it.

Even respectable people can accept, can get distracted, can sell themselves solutions. And this did not regard only civilized Germany in the aftermath of 1929. Any society under pressure, in a crisis, can produce – at any time – solutions which can easily become acceptable to the public opinion.

We must remain vigilant. Because society is drifting, in many aspects, and this is dangerous. Especially dangerous in those countries who – differently from Germany – did not even try to analyze and investigate the banality of evil, and are systematically removing facts from history and prefer weaving a tangled web of “controversial opinions” to confuse future generations and escape responsibility. Continue reading ‘Ausmerzen’


words matter! le parole sono importanti!

A scene from Nanni Moretti’s film “Palombella rossa”, where Nanni shouts “Le parole sono importanti! I don’t talk like that! Who speaks badly, thinks badly. Lives badly. Words are important! Words matter!”.

Words matter. In february in Italy we assisted once more to the bad usage of the word Memoria. Giornata della Memoria. Memory of what? I was in Germany that day, and what was celebrated there was the “Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus”. Just to be clear for the future generations, you know.

Words matter. Indeed I was expecting another mashed-potatoization for April 25th, the day of the Liberation from the nazifascism. And it arrived on time. The prime minister suggested that this day should be called from now on “Freedom Day”Festa della Liberta’ instead of Festa della Liberazione. And let’s face it, a shortcut had been already done so far, with the media stopping at the liberation from the nazism and curiously leaving out the liberation from fascism.

So after having mashed everything in the Giornata della Memoria (memory of WHAT?), now an equally mashed, pre-cooked and pre-digested Freedom Day. It is not by chance that his own private party has the same name.

As per the peculiar definition of Freedom used by the people leading this country, Corrado Guzzanti and Neri Marcore’ provide in my opinion the best applicable definition of  this particular brand of Liberta’ to date. Liberta’ as in Casa delle liberta‘, Partito delle liberta’, Popolo delle Liberta’ or Giornata della liberta’ – something which has nothing to share with the Freedom as in Liberte’, Egalite’, Fraternite’ but a petit-bougeois but not liberal, spieβig and vulgar, ultimately mean and free-riding attitude culminating in “Let’s do what the …. we like”.


we were neighbors


Tuesday 27th January: “Holocaust Remembrance Day”  or “Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus” or, with typically italian “understatement”, “Giornata della Memoria”.

I was in Berlin on Jan 27th and I visited the exhibition in the Rathaus Schoeneberg Town Hall: “Wir waren Nachbarn” – we were neighbors.

At the townhall all the victims of our Kiez  were listed, by name, occupation. A map highlighted were they lived. Gruenewaldstrasse. Close. Eisenacherstrasse. Pallasstrrasse. Really close.

No “masses” of human beings. But neighbors. Real people. With names, jobs, addresses, families. Continue reading ‘we were neighbors’

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