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the retour of the euro-softdrink tour!


When we started this blog more or less one year ago we were in the middle of a euro-softdrink research tour…Chinotto Neri, Gazosa Bellinzona, Cockta, Club Mate, Bionade…

This is why this symposium poster “20 years later – how does the German unity taste?” has been chosen as the post of the day…

Poto: Frank Heckel, © NORDSONNE IDENTITY, Berlin


teasing you about Berlin (and Rome)

A very packed week, but filled with interesting meetings and impromptu social clips and plenty of food of thought beyond the bread and butter rat-race…witty discussions, clever views, that’s one of the pleasures of Rome in June: friends but also business partners flock to Rome and make it more exciting!

It’s  friday night. The Monocle copy is under my arm. This one is a gift by an Aficionado (or addicted, just like us) to both the magazine and Berlin. So even more appreciated! The weekend starts and a light breeze is mitigating the baking-oven heat. The groceries will be delivered on our doorstep by the e-shop. Jazzanova is spinning the records. Perfect…


We are going to take it easy in Rome, which is something quite unheard of for locals during the week. We morph in tourists for the weekend, and like them, we are not commuting to Tuscany in tight air-conditioned car-sauros wearing Tod’s loafers but rather seize the best of Rome in Birkenstock style. We’ll be spotting the first cinema en plein air venues, and we planned brunches in the shade for today and tomorrow.

Friends in Berlin and London: please send us a bit of proper rain showers and we’ll give you plenty of sun we can part with. Reading the morning papers in yet another good cappuccino place with the metallic smell of dust being moist by the first fat drops of rain is a pleasure in the summer.

And yes, we are reading this issue’s Editorial by Tyler Brulé, “Observation” with a connoisseur’s smile…in August we’ll be at our buen retiro in Berlin…can’t wait…

So here we are, teasing you with the preface and a nice illustration from the Editorial, tempting you to discover why Brulé is now observing “love at the second glance” Berlin…

“What would win your heart – an alluring first impression or a tempting parting glance? For Tyler Brûlé it was the latter that had him dreaming of relocating the Monocle team to Berlin and bagging a summer retreat”.

Source: picture and quote = Monocle

burnt after eating


“Sunday morning, the 5th, we meet at Necci for breakfast”. Well, we didn’t. The Necci was a victim of arson. Maybe some people were disturbed by the friendly traffic of pedestrians around the cafe’. The once cosy atmosphere is now covered in black dust. How sad. Only the portrait of Pasolini remained intact…We hope they will re-open soon…we can’t live without their fabulous croissants and witzig foto-montaggi…


cappucci-nation: Bar Necci al Pigneto

Where can you find the best cornetti (or croissants) in Rome?

Where can you sit down in a cozy interior or on a leafy terrasse without being ripped off?

Where can you see the last pini marittimi of the Pigneto, in between the Casilina and Prenestina roman roads?

Where, more importantly, can you hang around Pasolini’s neighborhood and sip your cappuccino right on the set of the film “Accattone”?


At Bar Necci!


Today Mein Mann and I with our dear friends and neighbours N&M, we had an appointment in one of San Lorenzo‘s best patisseries for breakfast but we arrived there a dash too early. So we headed for the Pigneto, an eastern border area of Rome you already are familiar with, because this rainy morning deserved an indulgent breakfast…


At Bar Necci 1924 he cappuccino is good, but the croissants, pains au chocolat and danish are su-perb. No semi-industrial rechauffe’ pastry here. Butter-rich croissants filled with creme patissiere with a hint of lemon, excellent danish (or caracoles)…and a very cosy living-room where DIY helps keeping prices reasonable and the community happy. That’s the kind of value added that Mr Brule’ would call “Attention to Retail”…and that justifies us parting with our beloved Euros.

Also, in this bar you can do a stop over on our European Regional Softdrinks Tour because there is another brand of Gazosa, Bitter and Spuma, typical old-fashioned italian pre-coke refreshmens: Paoletti. Basic packaging, green mineral-water-style bottles with a colorful a’ la p(l)age label.

If we hadn’t chosen to go one step beyond, to the Pigneto, and we hadn’t crossed the railway on the pedestrian bridge, under the pouring rain, we wouldn’t have noticed that the Specials will be in town, in february…Yes, we love ska…


….and talking about optical graphic black and white, at the Bar Necci advertising from the 70s is a treat…!

(bad quality pictures, taken during a late summer evening…will post better ones at the next croissant craving!)


The euro regional-softdrinks tour continues: Bionade

Well, it’s bloody cold outside – also in Rome, not only in Bavaria and Austria Felix yesterday! – so to talk about regional soft-drinks seems a bit odd. Still, it was a pleasure anyway that I could order at the Bistro on my Munich-Wien train not the usual uber-sweet multinational softdrink, but the mythical and definitely healthier Bionade!


The Bionade story is quite interesting, you can browse it on their web site...I meant to write something about it just after Amarena, Chinotto Neri, Cedrata Tassoni and Tessin’s Gazosa but then time flies…

I like the metal cap, it reminds me for some reason of Style Council…If you look at the pavements in Berlin it happens sometimes to see the target-like blue/white/red metal caps without any logo…after a few days in Berlin you will know where they come from!

If Triest is the northern-limit of the olive-tree, Lugano is the southern-limit of the Bionade: you can still find it in the stores. But I never saw it in other locations this side of the Alps. That’s good. Too much globalization kills the charme and the sense of place! Be it gazosa in Ticino, Bionade in Germany and Chinotto in Rome!

(To be honest, there had been reports, that Bionade would be on sale at McDonald’s…I never saw it, but it’s also true that I hardly go to McDo. I will investigate…)

Why not further extending to other blogs the softdrink euro-tour? Have a look on Balkan-crew, reporting on the Cockta, and at Firstwetakeberlin’s favourite, Club Mate

The european tour of regional soft-drinks continues, with two black beauties…stay tuned!


in the land of gazosa

No planes for these holidays, just trains. The best part is starting now, in CH. The charming orange trenino connecting Lugano and Ponte Tresa is a bijou managed and taken care of by the crew as if it was some sort of giant pet. Freshly polished every week by the giant brushes at Ponte Tresa station, it rolls quietly every 20 minutes.

Ponte Tresa is a divided city, with an italian side and excellent pasticceria and a Swiss one with its reassuring train time tables and reliable post-office, plus beautiful views of the lake to share.

A multikulti dinner with the friends: italian pizza and gazosa ticinese. Well I must admit it, I did not know that gazosa was typisch of Tessin. In the following days I ordered always gazosa and sampled quite a few. Those sold in supermarkets are sweeter, more similar to those sold in Italy and those mimicked by an Atlanta corporation. Recipes for home-made gazosa are hard to find but one could always try these…

The best are the ones sold in bars and restaurants. The bottles have the macchinetta, a mechanical ceramic-rubber-steel cap. Re-usable, resistant, re-closable, re-everything.

The labels are engraved on the bottle and the disegns are nice. Very swiss environmental-friendly, very italian 60s buonsenso. Another excellent and very local soft drink…what a pleasure when, snapping the macchinetta backwards, the cap pops with a bang and a misty cloud!

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