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bauhaus simplicity

P1180402How are the former offices of the ECB? Like this…


QE vadis? QEdenken…

P1130577QE will start soon in the European Union. Let’s hope that it will be implemented well, unlike the Euro. And that banks across all member States will transmit this liquidity to compelling projects in the real economy.

I fear that in countries like Italy the banks will continue to benefit the “friends of friends” instead of the entrepreneurial projects which really are worth financing. A bit like the Euro introduction: an excellent thing per se, but implemented in a way as to benefit one category – price makers – and transfer to them the wealth from the vast majority, who are price takers…I hope to be wrong!


2015: the year of consistence and action

10906201_826047277437301_2463693655382188075_nWe read every Sunday Eugenio Scalfari’s editorial. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, sometimes we find it boring, sometimes too patronizing. Still it is our way for marking the Zeitgeist. It was so when we read the printed copy spread on a small table, sipping cappuccino prepared by the friendly Sebastian at the Bar Pavia in Rome. And it is so now, when we read the less sexy online edition on our kitchen table in Dusseldorf or in Berlin sipping a home-made cappuccino.

The editorial published on December 28th contains yet another sad truth, the lack of consistence and action in our native country, Italy. And then yesterday our berliner-roman friend Betta shared on fb a post by blogger Claudio Gnessi which, on a roman neighborhood scale, deals with the same problem.

Consistence and action. And lack of. And the reasons why. Continue reading ‘2015: the year of consistence and action’


Cool Frankfurt

112537519-6d5b931d-f7fc-496f-a14b-eee44adf53e4I do not like the idea that this graffiti sprayed on the ECB building site sits now in some plutocrat living room in the US…I would have preferred it to remain in Frankfurt…

Photo source: La Repubblica


Mario Monti: the tag cloud

I wish all the best to Mario Monti. And to Italy! The tag cloud tells it all: growth!

Next week, meet Nicolas and Angela…


Zooropa Zeitgeist

During the Zoo TV Tour in 1992, U2 were trying to create a vision of an attractive future for Europe, as opposed to a negative, dystopian image that would be found in science fiction. With recent and ongoing events in Europe, such as the Revolutions of 1989, the enlargement of the European Union, and the Bosnian War, lead vocalist Bono created a surreal vision of a European location called “Zooropa”. This concept was first implemented into the fourth leg of the Zoo TV Tour, which was named “Zooropa”, and was later used as the name for the song and the album.Bono has referred to Zooropa as being a concept album, with a main theme of the exploration of interpellation within the European Union. The place, “Zooropa”, was also the setting for all the songs on the album. (wikipedia)

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Rescue package? rescue pumping!!


The Fed is pumping cash like no tomorrow. En Europe, pour se sauver il faut pomper…mais QUOI???


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