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Hard currency


At our home in Berlin a Reichsmark banknote of a few zillions can be found migrating from book to book. The beautiful bauhaus typeface graces the hyperinflation banknotes exposed at Neue Galerie, and I am sure there are more at the Deutsche Historisches Museum.

The Brixton Pounds above look like a covetable collector’s item…I want a Bowie!


Source: The Londonist




The crazy side of girl Dusseldorf. Currents, rivers, electricity lines. The single mother of electronic sound.



Achtung baby!

Time is a train makes the future the past

Leaves you standing in the station

Your face pressed up against the glass

…tonight, Midi Station, Brussels: Achtung Europe…


I had never noticed that in the U2’s Berlin maps there is my U-bahn station…this is destiny. And also, my idols (Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode) all had the same watering hole. Berlin. Funny – I am realising this only now!






Tight jeans and concrete

Yesterday I did something I had in mind for a while. I bought a copy of Wir Kinder vom Banhnof Zoo. I had read the book in 1981. For many years my Berlin imaginaire had been one of Christiane F. + Bowie + the wall/the cold war. My image of Berlin was black and white, grey like slush. This image only changed in 1995 when Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped up the Reichstag. That was the first time I desired to go and see the town.The first time I associated it with colors. Light. A happy crowd. A magnet of something positive… Continue reading ‘Tight jeans and concrete’


U2 – today in Berlin!


Today U2 will be playing at the Brandenburg Gate! I wish I was there…Achtung Baby is one of my favorite albums.This is how U2 decided to participate to the EMA MTV awards…classy!


20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, 16 years since my first U2 concert. Fond Zoo TV Tour memories, June 1993. I passed out in the crowd at Hyppodrome de Vincennes during Velvet Underground reunion tour supporting intro and was “floated’ above the crowd to the emergency site. Some sugar and hydration later (I had spent 6 hours under the baking sun) and I was back in the crowd just in time for the start of the U2 concert. Trabant flying and beaming…”Lemon”, my favorite U2 disco-dance hit!

No public transport available when the concert ended…thousands of people stranded in the dark in the middle of the road works of east Paris, out of the peripherique…hitch-hiked and walked back to Paris XVIIeme where I was living at the time. Abenteuer in Zooropa…

Now that I think of it, my top 3 favorite musicians have something to do with Berlin: Bowie, Depeche Mode, U2. Therefore I suggest that Subsonica moves to Neukoelln for its next album…from the murazzi on the Po to the banks of the Spree!

On the margin of tonight’s event Der Spiegel reports on a controversial issue. Apparently A WALL will be blocking the view to people without the (free) tickets…hm…see below…this is not classy though…

For those who will be away from in Berlin, see the MTV website… Continue reading ‘U2 – today in Berlin!’

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