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Incredibly representative


I would never have expected that a very short novella by Antonio Manzini – author of the Commissario Schiavone series – would be so representative of the weird Zeitgeist we live in.

It is a novel about a takeover by a seedy corporation. First, of a company, and then, of a whole society.

Many almost ridicolous aspects of this novel recall the most discussed presidential press conference of this millennium (which took place in Washington on Thursday).

The Orwellian takeover and the Vernichtung of the corporate culture echo news of the bigger ever – or second-bigger – take over among consumer companies (news of yesterday).

The aesthetic dimension – buildings, women’s clothes and hairstyles – bring back to the memory images from Toni Erdmann. Sleek, professional women in power-suits and an army of matching assistants.

Lastly, the triumph of ignorance and vulgarity are a familiar feeling for those who lived in Italy between 1997 and 2011.

A surreal novella, about a publishing company takeover, which all of a sudden has become frightening real. Postfaktisch. Alternative fact-ish. Scary.


Enter Mario


Rescue package? rescue pumping!!


The Fed is pumping cash like no tomorrow. En Europe, pour se sauver il faut pomper…mais QUOI???



Lascia o raddoppia

Here it comes again. Employees are going to be manslaugthered once more. Even if we’re talking about the big earners, this is the way it works in Italy. The usual suspects get away with it, the private sector employee get to pick up the bill.

Lascia o raddoppia?


Because we’re leaving Italy, and we couldn’t be happier.

We want to live in a place where people who earn money pay the taxes. And those who dodge taxes, get beaten hard. Because solidarity must work for everybody, not be one-way. I want to give solidarity to those who are in training, have worked their whole life, are going through a rough patch. I want to pay taxes which finance projects for better education, better infrastructure, better energy and balanced growth.

I’m fed up of subsidizing the lives of self-employed people who dodge taxes and zoom in SUVs. Of politicians not doing their job. My Italian solidarity is now over. I’ve given enough. I’ve given too much.

Just as Italy celebrates her 150th birthday and Germany the 50th anniversary of its breaking up, I feel Italy is torn and Germany negotiates every single day ways towards more balance, more cohesion, more ways to keep its different souls together.

Bonjour Allemagne.


bike: just do it!

Yesterday bikers partying for the victory at the referendum tried to Critical Mass Palazzo Grazioli and were blocked by the police.

Casey gets a ticket in NYC for not riding on the bike lane.

Looks like we need in Rome and NYC some training administered by the average tough Berlin biker.

Thank you Nematode for posting Casey’s video! 😉



I will go and vote tomorrow for the 4 referendum, as of now 29% of the electorate has gone to the polling stations.

Ilvo Diamanti wrote in this week’s L’Espresso that every change occurs with some sort of burp and in many cases the referendum were the defining moments, the burps which signalled the final digestion of events. I would like to wake up on Wednesday and discover that the 80s are over.

Thank you Gp for the fabulous ARD-ZDF campaign…you know who you are!


refreshing our memories

This is journalism at its best. A New Yorker article putting the latest 17 years into perspective. The most interesting sentence? Berlusconi has always believed that “politics is like courting women: you have to confuse the girls.” – self-explanatory.

Read the full article on The New Yorker website and listen to the podcast here.

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