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Berlin – less poor and still sexy?

A few monts ago I read a McKinsey Germany very detailed report on the prospects for business in Berlin for the horizon 2020. A series of issues, still lingering, were highlighted. But also a number of thriving industries which could go from being the exception to becoming the norm. Continue reading ‘Berlin – less poor and still sexy?’


Roma kaputt mundi

bucchi2000The dark of the Middle Ages has engulfed Rome, you knew that already, but we’re reaching new depths and beating new records.

In the evening entire streets plunge into complete darkness, only the traffic lights (when they work) are source of light. Pedestrians risk to break a foot on the uneven pavements and risk their lives when crossing the street. In the spring it happened once in a week, one block or two. Beta test. Now it’s kick off time: yesterday I crossed San Lorenzo and the whole area was plunged in complete pitch-black darkness. Of course this does not happen in Piazza Navona, but you need just to get a bit out from the historical city center and, on rotation, entire neighborhoods are plunged into darkness. But nobody talks about it, be it newspapers or tv.

During the elections the name of the game was security, Veltroni had to go home, the right won the local elections. And just after the 2007 elections the cases of rape increased. Now attacks to gays and gay couples happen on a daily basis. And at the same time the government encourages the formation by citizens of (pathetic) rounds in order to increase security.

It’s the market of fear. And trading is increasing. Isolate people. Make them use cars even more and not feel secure on the street or in public transport. A de-facto curfew. Stay at home. Watch TV. Roma kaputt mundi.

So these are the interesting developments since we have the new Mayor, Alemanno. I’m glad that once in a while my Mayor is Klaus Wowereit.

Berlin poor but sexy. Rome even poorer, but nasty…

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