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Macramé Maker: action!

Frantic action, is the one in which our friend Stefania is embroidered right now in Babelsberg! She’s producing wonderful jewels made of knots…who said that macramé was for old ladies? Next Spring everybody will want macramé! I tell you!!

Oh my favorite is this one in peacock/mineral hues!! Love it!! Want to see more? Visit Manufacta Est Blog!

Photo: Stefania


Cloud computing? naah…Cloud Atlas!

Tonight the bloggers get together! We meet – for the first time in Berlin – with S&P! (New Berliners, not the rating agency).

S. is the author behind Manufacta Est and Charlottenburg and Babelsberg this Summer are for her casa e bottega!

In company of the best quiche lorraine ever eaten outside the Hexagone, under the chestnut trees of Schlossstrasse we discuss movies, Berlin life, Italian-German laws of attraction and books books books!!

Bottom line: David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas is now our list, but I beat it will have to be in the English edition, its 600+ pages would be too much for us in German, really. Don’t ask me why but for me Cloud Atlas will always be related to macramé! When you’ll see the movie you’ll understand…



Oh yes, we’re looking forward to Unknown!! Another action movie set in Berlin after our obsession, The Bourne Supremacy. Towards the end of the trailer I’m pretty sure they’re filming in the Platz der Luftbrücke U-bahn station…one of the most anonymous, that’s why we like it!


Berlin – less poor and still sexy?

A few monts ago I read a McKinsey Germany very detailed report on the prospects for business in Berlin for the horizon 2020. A series of issues, still lingering, were highlighted. But also a number of thriving industries which could go from being the exception to becoming the norm. Continue reading ‘Berlin – less poor and still sexy?’

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