P1170330What else, if not a building site? Berlin is a building site everyday! This is the interior of the cupola of the Staatsoper unter den Lindend…yes, one of those controversial and neither on time, nor on budget nor on specification Berlin projects!

P1170266Yes, it is 2015 – 8 years since the start of this blog! – and Unten den Linden is still a heartbreaking mess! Here the corner with Friedrichstrasse…that’s Berlin, after all…

P1170183And where the copper glass bulky Palast der Republik was…and a green heart shaped meadow kissed the city…now a new-old Schloss is coming up…a Potsdam-esque exercise!P1170168More pricey buildings full of glitzy apartments…P1170031If you thought Potsdamer Platz was finished, well think again…it’s still growing…P1170022Like Gleisdreieck…

P1170006Wonder what will happen here…I hope not more apartments!P1160991This did not exist when we first came to Berlin…the view from here wow, incredible..P1160086But some things never change!

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