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The Romans, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Mainz, Xanten, Trier…the Limes…looking forward to our bike tour…now on arte some history!


Goethe, the Italian

1454518543459Limoni_640x360_01Saturday afternoon, time for “Dove fioriscono i limoni” – Goethe’s Italy 200 years later.


Italien schafft sich ab

Statue coperte ai Musei Capitoli in occasione della visita del presidente iraniano Hassan Rohani, Roma, 25 gennaio 2016. ANSA/GIUSEPPE LAMI

Source: Statue coperte ai Musei Capitoli in occasione della visita del presidente iraniano Hassan Rohani, Roma, 25 gennaio 2016.

This is really embarassing.

I remember a few year ago  – a decade or two – when the Chinese premier visited Paris. The Tour Eiffel shone bright red in the night. Not everyone was happy. Too much of a hommage? A hommage, nonetheless, is different from a cancellation of cultural identity.

I am counting the days and this Master of Ceremony woman is still in her well-paid job. She should go. And how pathetic are the ministers, all saying “I did not know about it”. They should take responsibility and at least fire the accountable person and replace her with someone more skilled in inter-cultural manners (and in languages).

In the meantime, I think the best reaction was the one of Beppe Severgnini, the italian journalist: “Make a hole on the cardboard, and put a price and a tag – Peep show! All-naked roman hot babes!” – we will then have so much money that the museums will be able to finance themselves”.


Mandrione Kiez

A bit of nostalgia of Rome…a view of Mandrione, one of Rome’s Kiez, in the latest movie by Francesca Archibugi.

With a marvellous song by Lucio Dalla…”Telefonami tra vent’anni”… Continue reading ‘Mandrione Kiez’




Is still a word I have troubles translating into German or any other language…and also practicising, unfortunately!

This photo shows Rome doing cazzeggio…and it was taken on my last day in town.


The last week in Rome

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREWhile doing some electronic paperwork, yesterday I stumbledup on a file called “Last week in Rome”.

How strange it feels now, to see a typical image associated with those very fast and hectic lunchtime breaks…taken on an incredibly backing hot day in September 2011.


2015: the year of consistence and action

10906201_826047277437301_2463693655382188075_nWe read every Sunday Eugenio Scalfari’s editorial. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree, sometimes we find it boring, sometimes too patronizing. Still it is our way for marking the Zeitgeist. It was so when we read the printed copy spread on a small table, sipping cappuccino prepared by the friendly Sebastian at the Bar Pavia in Rome. And it is so now, when we read the less sexy online edition on our kitchen table in Dusseldorf or in Berlin sipping a home-made cappuccino.

The editorial published on December 28th contains yet another sad truth, the lack of consistence and action in our native country, Italy. And then yesterday our berliner-roman friend Betta shared on fb a post by blogger Claudio Gnessi which, on a roman neighborhood scale, deals with the same problem.

Consistence and action. And lack of. And the reasons why. Continue reading ‘2015: the year of consistence and action’

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