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The Davos matrix

Globalization risk in a nutshell means a higher domino-effect. 2011 saw a wild bunch of black swans flocking from environmental and technological disasters like Fukushima and oil tanker spills to societal ones in London, from the environmental and urbanization problems of Liguria and Thailand to the geopolitical ones in Syria and Iran.

Have a look to the World Economic Forum’s matrix of risks (likelihood/impact) across regions and spanning across societal, economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological risks.

The US has a higher risk in cyber attacks and critical systems failure, in line with a higher terrorism likelihood. All regions score high in water and food supply shortage, Europe included. Failure of climate change adaptation score highest in USA, followed by Europe and Asia. Severe income disparity is higher in the Americas compared with Europe and Asia. Pervasive entrenched corruption is higher in South America, Sub-Saharian Africa vs North Africa and ME, the US follow, Europe is less hit and curiously Asia scores low. On chronic fiscal imbalances the US score higher than Europe.

For a global view have a look at the gravity (risk eye of the storm?) map. The diffusion of weapon of mass destruction scores low, as unexpected risks stemming from nanotechnology. Unmanageable inflation and deflation are also estimated to be relatively lower risks than religious fanaticism.

One major stakeholder is missing: populations. Especially when the highest ranking risks are food and water supply shortage…

I am curious to see what Merkel will say at Davos’ opening speech.


Clubbing in Venice – with truncheons

It happened in Venice, today. Police with truncheons against citizens protesting against the Lega Nord’s militarization of the city. See YouReporter.


Le cahiers de doléances du petit Alemanno

…in the meantime, here’s what our mayor (ancora per poco!) writes to Rome’s citizens (thank you Dorita, I haven’t got my copy yet).

Since 2007 we are enjoying mandatory blackouts of the public lighting in our neighborhood, two days a week. Very sensible, especially with uneven pavements and broken pavé. Very sensible, since Alemanno boasted during his campaign the need for ronde to protect women from being raped. How is darkness fitting into the plan? And in the meantime the city becomes homophobic and violence erupts due to lack of money for the police (but the police is dispatched to protect Forza Nuova’s campaigns).

Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy – the French luxury conglomerate – is taking care of the Tridente paving as a compensation for transforming a former cinema in a store (the cinema ceased to be a cinema some 12 years ago, mind you).

Vogue and the major labels now provide an Ersatz of the Notte Bianca with the Vogue Fashion Night Out (I do not even mention local Alemanno-sponsored pathetic cultural activities).

So, should we hope that Foscarini or Targetti or Artemide provide lighting free of charge for the safety of our streets? Anyone volunteering for sponsoring the police? The garbage collection?

“Il brutto chiama il brutto” and since Alemanno started to starve the city in 2007, it seems impossible that the lack of investment may buck the trend and make Rome a more welcoming and safer city. But we can be sure that his family and famigli got juicy advantages since his appointment as mayor of Rome.



Inventory: a new age of migration


A videomaker leaves Italy.


Good cop – bad cop

Riots in London. A woman jumping out of the window reminds me of other jumps, back in August 1961, on Bernauer Strasse. Good cops, bad cops, here it comes again.

Last week I visited the Ordnung und Vernichtung exhibition at the Deutsche Historisches Museum about the horrors perpetrated by the police during the Third Reich. And running up to the 50th anniversary of the Berlin wall we did read quite a bit about the DDR Vopos and their Schieβbefehl (order to shoot).

How much police should there be in a democratic State? Difficult question. But the question should be preceded by “how much education and opportunities are in there for citizens? is it true democracy or just a smattering of democracy?”.

In the end mistakes will always be made. The crucial thing is to learn from them. The auto-critique shown by the German Police in this extremely tough exhibition is something I’ve never seen in Italy. I’m thinking to Bolzaneto. How many of those Italian policemen fit the picture of “vocational ambition, group pressure and esprit de corps, sadism and personal gain” among those involved in the beating of peaceful protesters in Genoa?

Maybe Britain and Italy could use some auto-critique too. Critics to “the system” and “to society” wearing Adidas hoods and looting the shops are not credible and are plain criminals: order and rules are necessary. Still, justice and social justice should be the basis where to start from. In France we had the banlieues, in London Tottenham, nothing like that in Italy yet, but the ingredients are the same, oder?

Fire Photo: The Guardian


13 August 1961-2011

Fifty years ago a wall. Today, meadows…


bike: just do it!

Yesterday bikers partying for the victory at the referendum tried to Critical Mass Palazzo Grazioli and were blocked by the police.

Casey gets a ticket in NYC for not riding on the bike lane.

Looks like we need in Rome and NYC some training administered by the average tough Berlin biker.

Thank you Nematode for posting Casey’s video! 😉

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