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Wool world


Our trip to Aachen was full of olfactive experiences. A candle shop near the Dom, with a delicate perfume of incense. The spiky scent of our Kranz, a crown made of tree branches. The Belgian pastries rivalling with the German ones.

My strongest olfactive experience of the day was in this wool store. Its exterior was discrete. Once inside…I went back many years. The perfume of new wool…and its very subtle after taste of metal. I had to go back to the store, and tour it taking in this fabulous souvenirs. It reminded me of our local “merceria”, the haberdashery store of our village.

Our home was a world of wool too…this was my mum’s job, and as a kid I was as happy as a cat to be in the middle of all these colors, textures and woolly objects.


Recently my friend and blogger Manufacta Est! wrote about Knitsonik…it was a discovery, to see how even architectural patterns are featured in there…truly passionating.

Last year, during a trip to Amsterdam, at the Bijenenkof I fell in love with two books about crochet animals…of course they were in Dutch which makes them utterly and totally useless.

Definitely, the world of wool is calling me. I stopped knitting and crocheting when I was 14 or so. But I feel this appeal, it must be the nordic weather. Knitting is not appealing in a city like Rome, for some reason wool and Rome do not fit together…it is a city where hands crave the contact of crisp cotton, linen, silk – not wool.

Manufacta Est says that the knowledge which is in the hands is not lost. Maybe one day I will buy a pair of knitting needles and I will see if it is just like biking…something you never forget?


90% of the human body is made of brands

Especially the brain…

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Victime de la mode

Victime, de la mode…tel est son nom de code… Continue reading ‘Victime de la mode’


Inventory: bonjour Allemagne!

In the 80s I dreamed about London, boy I was fascinated by it! But, fleissig as I was, I studied German like a busy bee – it made sense from a geographic and from an historical point of view to speak the language. No discussions, in Triest you load your language skills shopping trolley with great nonchalance. Everybody speaks those 4-5 idioms on average.

And then one never knows. I was a child at the candy shop, a student at the feet of Kultur: why not stacking up the provisions while I was at it? That was a nice feeling, as a student. If you wanted, you could. And as the Berlin wall came down, I made room for Russian.

The fate mixed up the cards. I ended up in Paris first, followed by London – and started piling dust on my German and Russian. Enter then the highly unexpected Rome, where I met MeinMann, freshly disembarked from and expat stint in Darmstadt and on his way to Copenhagen. Almost a decade later our Weltanschauung changed radically after our sabbatical month between Perth and Sydney of October 2006. MeinMann and I started thinking seriously about Germany. But this time we needed a plan, after the various coup de tete of our youth.

And now the time has come! It’s so strange to see images from a cold-war German Summer in the 1980s . Sometimes the fate makes big deflections.


Inventory: moving out


Inventory: Dolce & Babbà-na

This is better than Dolce & Gabbana. Babbà at Dagnino. Fabulous 1950s look. Continue reading ‘Inventory: Dolce & Babbà-na’


oh la la…what a day!

What a day! Oh la la…

And the most beautiful closing of it, is a sentence by Coco Chanel, quoted by Pulchra: “There are people who have money, and people who are rich”. Subtle…


Photo: Coco Chanel, the movie, with Audrey Tautou

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