forward thinking

Being blocked at home with a plaster cast is not the most inspiring situation for thinking about one’s  look, clothes and style. But now it is time to move on!

Turning 50, the inspiration for planning my style has evolved to a fictitious persona, “the Hamburg  woman”. Sporting platinum or silver hair. Tall, slim but not thin. Poised, positive but not smiling too much. Neutral colors. A certain love for uniforms. And masculine ton-sur-ton patterned fabrics, such as tweed, pinstripes and prince de galles.

I admit it, I always had a passion for uniforms, I am simply uncomfortable with wawy/flowing/unstructured clothes, I need structure. But I hate that “professional woman” look, very popular in Germany…very definined by the expectations of “men in suits” in companies…you gals you know what I mean…

That blazer-white-shirt-small-jewel combination, so boring and expected and so associated with “professional” that I find it as bad as a burka. Yes, a jacket is a good thing. A shirt too. Jewelry as well. But it still has to be rock’n’roll. Personal. Unique.

That style for me is associated to real women such as Jill Sander, and Christiane Arp. I am a big fan of the intellectual work of Christiane Arp. Her Vogue Business magazine is a welcome exception in a sea of increasingly vacuous women’s magazines (some bear the name “women’s magazine” as an insult to womanhood I think).

I also had the pleasure of briefly meeting Christiane at MUC airport one day, and she is in person as poised and grounded as she appears on the photos. But I also like the way she looks, consistent year after year, iconic but never a mask. With the feminine detail, but never flirty. Rigurous, but never hard. Friendly, but not soft.

Over time my choice of clothes has become more and more Arp-influenced, with a more muted color-palette. Also, not being anymore a redhead has suddently broadened the palette of colors I can wear, and one of this, surprisingly, is white. A color I would never dare to wear earlier on, and that now is among the top 3 among my recent purchases. Even the greys, blacks, dark and aviator blues I recently acquired look all of a sudden less dramatic and more alluring when measured against silver hair instead of red.



2 Responses to “forward thinking”

  1. June 7, 2017 at 11:47

    Bel testo, bella riflessione. Mi mancano foto di te 🙂

  2. 2 stripedcat
    June 7, 2017 at 21:08

    eh aspetta che mi rimetto in forma eheh …1-2 1-2 (addominali)

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