Kruununhaka to Marunouchi 丸の内 and back!


Back from Tokyo! It was colder than expected, and rainy as well…on Friday when leaving the sky was blue and the sun was shining…how tough it was to leave!

Nevertheless, always fantastic to be in Tokyo, even with the flu and work to be done both in Japanese time zone and European time zone, that means only a couple of hours of sleep per night.

I went to 新丸の内ビルディング , the Shin-Marunouchi Building (look left), next to Tokyo Station, in the few hours of free time I had…it is always one of my favorite plans when I am jetlagged and I need a pleasant place that gives me the vibes of the city and does not require too much attention. A quick trip to Maruzen at the Oazo buliding to buy books – of course.

After many many years I went to Ukai again…at Tokyo Tower…I still remember how, with my friend L., we giggled when confronted with an enormous bowl of tofu milk which proved too ambitious for us…but apart from that particular dish, everything else was a dream…and it was also this time round.


This time I decided to do the polar route, and organised meetings also in Helsinki on Monday in order to have an efficient trip, of course with Finnair. I was travelling without camera – yes, yes I am buying a new one – so the photos here are stolen from wikipedia…

In Helsinki it was snowing, so that 20cm of fluffy new snow were resting on my balcony when I arrived on Sunday night late…so not much fantasy to go around and paint the town red, really. But I love Helsinki’s architecture and yes, I am going to say it…I love its pastel neoclassic buildings and its Orthodox churces…also because they remind me of Trieste! The waterfront, the sea…I feel a bit at home yes I do!

And I learnt – mainly because I observe packaging of consumer goods, being honest – that Finland celebrates in 2017 its 100th anniversary of independence from Russia…wow…it’s a younger State than Italy!


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