After almost 20 years, and at least a hundred trips to London, I decided to go and see my old home in London…I used to live in Pimlico, next door to Belgravia…

How weird it was to alight at Victoria Station. I had some troubles for finding the way to the exit I used to take to Belgrave Road…I had completely forgotten there was an escalator in between…

The only shock was to see at the horizon of Belgrave Road a skyscraper looming from the South Bank…


For the rest, nothing has changed. And that’s good. Pimlico conserve its surreal calm, its pensions on the cheap, its corner convenience stores and The Constitution, the pub. There is a new Italian restaurant, with an inviting atmosphere and good tripadvisor recommendations, and a quirky bakery…


After this melancholic moment, it was good to get a lift from a cabbie who is a local. On the way to Brixton to Naughty Piglets he condensed twenty years of Pimlico events in fifteen minutes, throwing in also an update on the Malaysian skyscrapers (there will be four more next to the one I saw) going up in Vauxhall across the Thames…hic sunt leones, in 1997…I think I never crossed the bridge at that time…except once, to go to a Pretenders concert at Brixton Academy with my French friend Marie-Agnès. She was wearing an astrachan fur and was worried to get lynched by the English…therefore she was folding her coat to conceal the wavy pattern…Chrissy Hinde was singing Don’t get me wrong

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