Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, dear readers!

…yes yes…I know…not so many updates lately…the reasons are the usual ones…my Gigaspace expired and I was lazy to pay up for another set of Gigas…then the end of 2016 has been characterised by a chronical shortage of time for personal projects…and then the holidays have been, as usual, offline detox.

However, this new year is characterised by a stronger than ever willingness to be even less online. Or rather, be online only for good reasons, and limited time.

Gone are the social networks – it’s been a while – and for compulsive news-checking…I am still working on it. Actually thinking of getting a paper subscription to a newspaper.

Regarding photos, I printed some, I did some photo albums like in the old times. And I wrote many letters, and many postcards, more than usual I would say. Was fuer eine Freude! If you are wondering about books: only on paper, of course.

However, among the good reasons why I should be online, I list:

  • BerlinRomExpress
  • email contact with friends
  • podcasts from RaiRadio3, RaiRadio2, and Monocle radio
  • the long reads from The Guardian, the background analysis articles from FT.com, ilpost.it, Handelsblatt.de, and checking out a few selected blogs.

The Summer was also characterised by more “real world” projects and less online ones, and this resulted in a beautiful balcony. I kept my promise in the Winter and I have already   set the bulbs in the best of positions for a Spring purple and yellow and white explosion…mal sehen! Also the geraniums have been duly protected and should – should – be able to survive the current icy weather and the usual February rough nights.

In order to mark this decision of being more offline, I picture here an imperfect but hopefully edible Gugelhupf…2017 must be a year of return to baking my own pechés mignons, cakes…as a compulsive and vicious consumer or biscuits cakes and puddings, at least be they made of good ingredients…so DIY! The radio is the perfect media for accompanying baking and gardening quests…

A bit of technical upgrade is also needed…my Leica camera has been sloppily stored (guess who?) and the aperture got some dust in between…so some measure is needed there. Until I decide to fork out more money…I am sorry but the photos will still bear this dusty spot…

Regarding additional technical upgrades, in our quest for a revival of our analogic instruments, we have a plan of reviving our audio equipment and in particular our Thorens  record player. Still studying a comprehensive solution there…(after all, January is when the technology promotions are in store!). We have always to invest in laptops, tablets, smartphones…investing on good speakers feels just about right.

4 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. 2 stripedcat
    January 22, 2017 at 19:48

    ciao! ben trovata! 🙂
    che bello risentirti!

  2. 3 MeinMann
    January 22, 2017 at 23:35

    … Well … dear love … please wait I’m back before being offline! 🙂

  3. 4 stripedcat
    January 22, 2017 at 23:42


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