Bridget Jones night out

cc24_d044_00076_rv3_3-large_transzgekzx3m936n5bqk4va8rwtt0gk_6efzt336f62ei5uI did not set foot in Leicester square for the past…23 years? It was odd being there, ejected from a black cab, and walking almost on autopilot to the Odeon, where I did go in my first months in London. It was Autumn, and it was back in 1993. At the time I did not know what chicken Kiev was, and since then I never ordered it again. That steak house is still there, right on Leicester Square. You see it also in the red carpet video of the movie launch of Bridget Jones.

And so to see Bridget Jones’ Baby, and fish and chips before that…

The Odeon is magnificient, I had completely forgotten the déco friezes and the pastel colors. It’s raining girls. We must be in thousands here in the cinema. A few men, welcome to the club. Exciting public viewing of a highly symbolic movie!

Needless to say, I loved it. The songs, the vedute of London (all of them fucked up like those of Berlin in Bourne), the apartment with the train track right in front of the windows – reminds me Edgeware Road station.

How different things are…now London to me is Marylebone, no longer Chelsea or South’Ken, the City is getting a makeover that makes it almost unrecognizable, London is turned upside down on its foundations, but Royal Exchange, close to my office back then, is still there, and that scene of the first Bridget Jones movie, the knickers-trainers-cardigan run in the snow, is still the most fabulous romantic scene for me…

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