P1220889It was 2000 when we last were in a masseria, ie a fortified farm in Puglia. The first time we were guests at our friends Giuseppe and Cristina’s wedding, in Monopoli. We still remember today the flavor of the made-on-the-spot mozzarelle, still warm, which were prepared in the ipogeo of that masseria.

We had been in Puglia once again, in Cisternino, at Andreas and Alberto, who run a B&B in the middle of the olive groves and also produce honey. In the meantime, many things happened. The bees disease has been reducing the populations of the beloved animals. And the xylella killed so many trees, also in Puglia. “Xylella è mafia” said the graffiti on a bridge of the motorway. The gardener in this masseria, Sig.Roberto, tells us that the disease was nowhere to be seen a few years ago. It was just been studied in the labs in Bari. And then, it was everywhere.

Now in the countryside surrounding this masseria there are both healthy and sick olive trees. So there is the joy of seeing beautiful lines of trees on the red earth, and the sadness of spotting mutilated and grey, dried out once mighty trees. “Vendesi uliveto edificabile”, that’s it.

Having said that, this spot of Salento is marvellous. Sometimes scruffy – potholes and grim-looking fences – but overall this high land on the sea is gorgeous.P1220897

2 Responses to “Fortress”

  1. July 9, 2016 at 20:59

    Mi daresti i recapiti di questa masseria ? Thanks ..

  2. 2 stripedcat
    July 9, 2016 at 21:09

    certo, vai sul sito kalekora 😉

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