P1220939It is a nice sensation, to be somewhat disconnected. Going around in the little village on the coast, buying bermuda and espadrillas, choosing tomatoes and watermelons, we tune in to another rhythm. There is none around at noon (only the crazy ones: us) and checking out the local supermarket for some fresh mozzarelle it feels so strange to see the images of Gesù Misericordioso by the cashier, hart in his hands. Not really a common view at our local Rewe.

We shop for some thriller novels and local newspapers, and enjoy reading surrounded by the buzz of bumblebees.


P1220927Sometimes at night, the scent of smoke fills the air. Wheat has been already harvested and the stubble is being burned by the farmers. It’s very hot by day, almost 40°C, and a bit humid. The perfect weather for burning without risks. Before the wind comes.

We are fully immersed in an incredible dj set. During the day cicadas are conjuring up incredible levels of noise. And by night, we drive in our little white 500 listening to the doppler-effect of billions of crickets, in nights which are pitch black.


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