Our hearts are with him


Giulio Regeni. For him State funerals according to the Interior Minister. A martyr according to the priest of Fiumicello.

We prefer to remember him as a brilliant young man from the Erasmus Generation, in the same way as Severgnini does today on the Corriere, and a victim of police and secret services criminal actions, probably linked to economic interests. Like Ilaria Alpi. Like Federico Aldrovandi. And the list is not exhaustive.

I heard in the media very biased comments. “A young man who HAD to go abroad…if our youth should not NEED to go abroad it would not be exposed to such risks…”. This is so mean. He was a brilliant young man, and had all the right – and maybe no need at all – to go abroad. His name put together with the one of Valeria Solesin “Generazione Bataclan”…meaning that since they HAD to go abroad, they ran into risks…had they stood in super-safe Italy they would not have met death on their path. What nonsense.

Losing one’s life because of criminal – also State-driven – violence or terrorism unfortunately can happen anywhere. In all eras young people longed to go abroad, travel, research, see and experience different cultures. Or they can also prefer to stay in their country. But violence like this should not happen. Nowhere.

I hope that next to State funerals and Mass, there will be something positive and important done in the memory of Giulio Regeni. Something which could help our youth when going abroad. Not a nanny service of course. An easy access to embassy help when they feel threatened or tracked, as in the case of Giulio Regeni. Also our Foreign Service needs to move into today’s world.


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