Last day of holiday


Wow! This was a true holiday period!

In as much as I reached Christmas like a wreck, having navigated the whole of 2015 without proper holidays – because holidays during which one endlessly checks and writes emails and makes calls are NOT holidays – I feel now really energized after this relatively long break…

First of all, because Christmas meant getting together with MeinMann 🙂 and in Berlin!

Secondly, because we did walk a lot up and down the State of Berlin, our favorite nation…and I did plenty of steam baths to fight the unusually warm weather first, and to enjoy the crisp sub-sub-zero siberian temperatures which followed.

While MeinMann reached Yorkshire on Jan 1st – checking the floods so to say, luckily no trespassing by water on his side of the river Aire – I did enjoy also a few days of soft-landing holiday in Dusseldorf, with just 1 day of work thrown in (otherwise it would not be a soft landing…clearing the way for the first deadlines does help reducing the impact of the comeback).

Weather was decent in NRW I must admit, after one day of horizontal, miserable rain, we also got a couple of sunny spells and today I could notice that the first bulbous plants are bulbing something at Zoo park (reminder: have breakfast there, the café is cute). Gardenias are also thinking about blossoming, it is indeed a bit premature.

Mimmino and Micetta: that is the beauty of coming back from holidays, seeing them again! Our catsitter did wonders, they were not snobbish when I came back, they did reclame attention for sure, but in…clean and cuddly ways, so to say! The sun invited them to go out and check on insects and birds. After the Winter solstice they do get more active and bubbly. In November they seemed to slumber 25 hours a day…almost worrying. Now their ears are perky and their moves are swift. Must be the sun.

With the new year came also plenty of bad World News. Blimey. But also new year resolutions, and new year implementations, which – hear, hear! – are now running.

So more carrots are being drunk, Vollkornbaeckerei bread is being bought, fatter milk is being consumed – yes, fatter, because I have to give up on cheese but I do need my vitamine D and my lovely fats – more linden flowers and leaves are infused (Berlin on my mind…and healthy brews are on my side), and KonMari method in tidying up is applied.

A few words on my take on the Marie Kondo stuff. I read the book so far until the “clothes” chapter, and I swiftly implemented. Courtesy to yet another burglary episode in our basement (again!) it was easier for me to check out also what’s left of my clothes boxes in there and reunite all clothing in one room – and prune.

I divided the belongings in four groups. Stuff I am wearing and will continue to wear. Stuff to sell. Stuff to be given to my cleaner, for her to decide if she wants to give them away to any people in need. Stuff which goes to the clothes collection point for refugees. Now my closet feels clearer and more rational. For sure it was hard to separate myself from items who remember me of travels, special days etc. But for that there are pictures. And fragrances, which I sniff from time to time, to remind myself of special moments. Clothes can still give a lot, especially if in pristine condition, to people who need them more. And those clothes which are new and were purchased in the wrong size/color/style…should give some money back, ha!

Next round will be on shoes (that will be much faster and easier). The tougher round will be on paper and documents. Oje je je…that will be hard! I suspect I will be sidelining more with Lucy Kellaway on this topic, if you see what I mean!

But the feeling of being lighter, being generous, and being thrifty (there’s nothing like seeing all your clothes together which will contain the next shopping impulse) is a nice sensation to start the year with!

And tomorrow, off to NYC…off we go…not a bad way to start the working week uh? 😉 Here you go for a weather sneak preview



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