Letter to San Nicolò


Dear San Nicolò,

I know that now you have taken care of all the kids’ presents and you are chilling out somewhere in a Russian banja, vigorously whipping your back with birch sticks and rolling in the snow to keep you fit.

One year ago MeinMann was suggesting “You know, it would really do us good, we should also go to Essaouira and catch some sun in the middle of the Winter…”. Then our plans changed and we are heading to Berlin without an Essaouira intermezzo. Which is also nice. We love Berlin…

However, dear San Nicolò, since you know so well the kingdoms and empires where woody scents come from, and the caravanes which brought spices to Europe, and the cedar trees of the Levant…maybe you could bring me back some of the scent of Essaouira, also known as As Sawira, in a bottle…you will be on business trips up and down the Atlas around Christmas anyway…and if you do not mind…

After all, you are the patron of the Hanseatic League, and Berlin is one of your beloved cities, together with Bari and Moscow…from the Adriatic to the domes of Russia, you are always on the move…

Spasiba bolshoje, San Nicolo’…

I read a review that could not be possibly written better…

As Sawira is a beautiful oriental saffron oud rose perfume that is quite ethereal but also ornate in its presentation.
Think of all the rose saffron / oud / davana fragrances you’ve tried in the past few years and this is that and more. It has a healthy dose of JASMINE, carnation, cardamom for a floral flourish, prominent in the first few hours, that is a celebration in a bottle.
As Sawira has a remarkable dry sweet wood base that I could swear is a Mysore sandalwood that you might have found 30 years ago, but not today.
The dry floral oud sandalwood type base becomes more prominent until it is the central feature of a skin scent left after the burning off of the rose oud and saffron smoke is dusted on the skin.
A nice combination of sandalwood, gaiac wood, patchouli, cedar, musk, and vanilla makes up the dry remnants of this hopeful scent.
I am happy to see a house with the tradition of Penhaligon’s launch a fragrance with this type of legendary patina.
I am tempted to purchase a bottle if only to have such a treasure in my collection.
As Sawira is a fierce feminine (masculine) fragrance, Or an enlightened masculine (feminine) scent. You can see I like it very much.


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