Italian treats


Reading in my mother tongue is now a treat. On one hand there are no good italian bookstores abroad. Or maybe I did not find them. So sometimes my purchases are a bit random. Not in the mood for re-reading Calvino, Eco and a few other foreign bookstore blockbusters, I sometimes pick what I find.

I read a novel by Fabio Volo. Yes I did.

Actually, it is quite good. It is not a happy-end novel, if you don’t mind a bit of a spoiler. It depicts quite well a generation. The reader, even if not feeling close to the main character, will remember what it was to be a teenager in the 80s, a young adult in the 90s. The plot is quite interesting. I never thought I would recommend a book by Fabio Volo, a furbacchione who cleverly has mixed tv, radio, novel writing and celebrity status. The book is good. Buy it.

I am starting Emanuele Trevi’s book as my bedtime one. It is a bit weird and reminds me of trips to Campania dating back to a decade or so. Actually, I do miss Naples. So this is why this book is slowly by slowly getting under my skin. It is a bit hypnotic therefore I am not doing great progress, I tend to fall into slumber after a few pages. But this is what I call a bedtime book.

I like Michela Murgia. She is outspoken and is one of the few italian women role models I can recognize today. Here the pace of the narration is also quiet, but the quietness is also restless, like a Montalbano detective movie. And like in Montalbano, there is food, there are relationships which are like ebb and flow, there is an island (Sardinia) and there’s the golden light of Rome, we may even say slutty Rome, with her seduction off the shelf always ready to please first come, first served. I read a very beautiful passage yesterday. It describes what the velvet by Visconti di Modrone stands for. Marvellous.

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