Christmas time alone

P1180502Probably one of the aspects of “A gift from Bob” which most made my think was the topic of “Christmas alone – Christmas with beloved ones”. James, the narrator and owner/companion of Bob the streetcat, recalls his memories of sad and lonely Christmases, before and during his heroin addiction. And shows us that a cat can make an enormous difference, and if there are friends, well then it’s even better, and if the family ties are less painful, it’s yet another improvement.

The fact that I am spending the Advent alone at home in Dusseldorf puts me frequently in a bad mood. It reminds me of a couple of lonely Christmases, one in Paris, one in London, when I lived there and I had not enough time to fly back home to my family. I was younger back then, yes. Not an heroin addict but nevertheless, not so happy of being in those big cities which go totally empty at Christmas. The frantic shopping, looking at others joining family dinners and the like. It does make you feel lonely.

But then hey: MeinMann and I will converge to Berlin next Sunday! so there’s just one week to go! And we will have one of our Berlin Christmases…which are now a tradition since many years. Hopefully with snow and ice and cold weather.

And I also thought of something else. First, how different would have been my life in Paris and London had I had some furry companions. I had thought about that many times, but the rented flats (with carpets and wallpaper, and a really small surface in Paris) and the many travels were not conducive to being also responsible for the well-being of a cat. Or two. But I would have suffered less from loneliness, for sure. Especially in socially-sealed Paris.

Secondly, in Dusseldorf I am not alone, differently from MeinMann in Leeds, I have the 2 furry ones to care for. This makes a big difference. They complicate my agenda, generate a great deal of fluffy fur to hoover away, are sometimes messy with food and not only with food, we have intense conversations sometimes. And the purr….

That’s why this year my dears we get a Christmas tree. To have something exotic to sniff around. Who knows, some decorations to destroy during our absence. The gufini were project managers and delivered on time, on budget, on specification. Effective gufini…


3 Responses to “Christmas time alone”

  1. December 15, 2015 at 13:58

    l’hai già visto?

  2. 2 stripedcat
    December 16, 2015 at 22:27

    si’ e pure la parodia!!!

  3. 3 Striped
    December 20, 2015 at 11:00

    la trovi su berlincacioepepe

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