Train junkies/3


My own private Downton Abbey….

Since its reopening, I had the opportunity to come to this place regularly for work and I chose this place for a big event when it was not yet on the map of le-tout-Londres.

Now each time I come back to it, it’s like being at home. On one hand, because working here has now its habits and its rituals. We hire a series of rooms in the Gilbert Scott wing, their names evocative…Exchange Room, Ladies Smoking Room, Quarters Room…

P1180174 Actually, I hate the rooms of this hotel. Or at least, those of the Barlow wing, which are not the nicest…their price/quality ratio is not compelling, there are far better rooms in other historical hotels in London at this price level. But the hotel per se is incredible. And unique.P1180183I imagine what it must have looked like, around 1870, to travel by train and sleep here before boarding…however each time I step on this staircase I sing Spice Girl’s “if you wanna be my lover…” – and if you look on youtube you will discover why.


This place is so anti-Belgravia. The neo-renaissance “too-much” style is so different from the white-washtd / checkered hall one that the British Establishment is often associated with. It’s truly whimsical.


It definitely feels more…Bloomsbury?


The gothic renaissance architectural bones of the place are easily recongnizable…

P1180162George Gilbert Scott must have been some guy!

However: I did not know yet that this would led to a fully-themed rail weekend. It was indeed the best start I could ever dream of…

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