Friday night


Friday 20th November. One week has gone by. Rewind.

Friday 13th November, 4pm. I am exploring the most enchanting corners of Saint Pancras Station’s hotel, while taking in its quintessentially british atmosphere. It is always nice when one works abroad, to be able to tell where one is. No anonymous hotel underground conference rooms. No faux-minimalist boring design. Nope. This time I am in London and I can also take in a bit of the atmosphere of the city. I see the trains departing to Paris via Eurotunnel. I feel the vibe of the city cautiously slipping in its start-of-the-weekend mood from the businesslike frenzy of the morning.

And then when meetings are over, it’s time to pack and head to King’s Cross. Thousands of people like me shuttling around with their trolleys, a Pret-à-manger bag with a makeshift dinner for the train, yeah for many it will be quite a commute. The big panel is showing the boarding times and gates, there is a bit of an airport feeling at King’s Cross. I always find it a bit stressful, to wait under the vast fan of the station concourse for my platform to be announced. At last. Platform 2.

And now sitting comfortably. I have a novel with me, “The Girl on the Train”. Oh no, that’s a noir. No way. Not for a Friday evening in any case. I will continue reading “The diamond Queen” by Andrew Marr.

At lunchtime a terrible gale had hit London, short but very violent, my lunchtime guests arrived to Gilbert Scott’s completely drenched. Now the gale is continuing to hit Northern England. I guess it will be blasting Leeds when I arrive.

How nice it is to be met at the station by the love of my life!

It reminds me of 1920s novels. Of 1940s movies. It is nice to be expected. This must have been also my father’s feeling when my mother and me – aged 2 or 3 – were waiting for him every day in Turin at the station.

And yes it rains, cats and dogs. But then it calms down, and we sneak out of Leeds station and head to “Home –  Leeds subsidiary”. Time for some healthy vegetables and yes, let’s scoff these Pret sandwiches and be done with them…it’s late for a proper dinner anyway…so my second Leeds weekend with MeinMann ready to start! What are we going to do tomorrow? York for sure!

And then, from the bathroom, I hear my MeinMann saying “***** – what the hell…attack in Paris!”. And that was it. Friday night, slipping in the mood of the weekend. Unwinding. Relax. Be with your beloved one. All of a sudden this seemed so distant and unreal. Horror in the middle of Friday night. We are together. Hold me tight.


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