The Cucumber Theory

Interesting comparison today between the Italian and German press.

Apparently only 27% of the Italian tax payers do pay tax, ie because all the others are declare zero taxes, reports Repubblica, but also Corriere. Surely too poor to pay taxes.

The Local reports that tax dodgers in Germany are turning themselves in for fear of sanctions: “In early February, Berlin said it would pay for data on some 1,500 suspected tax dodgers with funds stashed in Swiss accounts, dismissing criticism aside that the allegedly stolen material would not stand up in court”.

How can Italy make up for the shortage of taxes, since apparently taxes are paid only in the city of Cuneo? The answer lies in the Cucumber Theory by Tremonti, our finance minister. Why not selling Sardinia? Or listing on the Stock Exchange entire regions?

3 Responses to “The Cucumber Theory”

  1. 1 Fab
    February 21, 2010 at 13:36

    Hi guys!

    That’s great: I love this example. It’s tragic, but also funny…
    The Cucumber Theory is a fine economic’s strategy of “Berlusconia”: starting from a typical cheese, famous as “ricottina”, this theory became a big cucumber for a great number of “lucky” lands. Not only for citizen of Cuneo, in my opinion.

    I hope to see a different destiny for my country. A great number of citizens in Italy wait to jump in Europe…

  2. 2 stripedcat
    February 21, 2010 at 14:49

    Hi Fab!
    the cucumber theory is an all time classic by now here in Papiland
    (which, differently from Richard Harris’s “Fatherland”, is not fiction but reality).

    I hope to see a different future too but the fundamentals do not look good at all. There are all the signs of post-democracy topped with the endemic corruption and trafic d’influences.

    Considering that we belong to that small minority of people (27%) who declares and pays taxes without seeing the benefits in the quality of the public sector offer, and still keeps the country going by working more and more in the private sector as employees, I guess we’ve already used up 100% of our stoicism/masochism. How much more pain can we take?

    Since we are more and more a country of consumers rather than citizens, maybe the only really powerful thing we can do is to vote with our credit cards by using in a strategic way the remaining disposable income we’re left with.
    And boycott massively certain products, services, media, banks, insurance companies, brands. We may have not so many alternatives when it comes to vote. But at least we can avoid being captive when we make choices as consumers. Hit them on the business soft belly.

    And definitely “descendre dans la rue” is something that numbed Italy should resume doing.


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